Phi Nhung Shared The Reason For Not Married, And Accepted The Earring To Lake Van Cuong

'It's better to be cursed, not letting your children when they come out of the road are cursed or criticized', Phi velvet. Can speak, noisy between singer Phi Nhung and Adoption of Lake Van Cuong Controversy from netizens. Accordingly, there are many comments criticized the dictionary cotton voice. Unconvenating the ears of Africa, Phi Nhung still loves Lake Van Cuong. HERE, in the chatting program with supermodel Xuan Lan, Phi Nhung singer has spreads about noise

. Besides, she also talked about herohood and revealed that the reason did not take her husband.Phi Nhung accepted the prank to Lake Van Cuong so the person. Then, the voice was in love with: " She was scolded, she didn't let her child be able to walk into the road to be cursed or criticized by people
Although Fans resiled her a lot. The children looked at the image of Phi Nhung as a gentle mother but actually taught I am very strict and hard to calculate. Although I have scolded my baby but still call me dinner, love. But with Cuong, it's too angry and fans also pushed too much. I sympathize and can't wear fans Teaching your child. I think my mother's mother also cried and said 18 years old, don't leave it out. My house is like the temple, all strangers. I bought more house to let the children live Need the room, the bed is enough. "Besides, Phi Nhung said she put all my ego" punched "with Lake Van Cuong so that son was not locked. Mother raised the voice of the countryside of Tien Giang confided: "Cuong is wrong, it is afraid
I forbid everyone in the house to not say anything, still happy to let the boy go to school normally to mind it doesn't mind. What's over. She passed itself to the cucumber room to comfort, sorry, telling it to let it understand. Mom do that there is a suffering of her mother but so I am a new new child. Better to let your child go wrong ".phi velvet abandoned my ego to" make a lottery "with Lake Van Cuong. Although Cuong is angry with Phi Nhung, she still caught me to get up to clean the room, work house, solid Sincerely, census must kiss his mother's mother, showing affection for his mother. She also understood the stubborn son's personality, and she now said that Cuong has changed more positively, having fun, jokingly joking with you in the house. "Where do you go, I'm still my son. Later you It is likely that you can move out. Mom will support. Cuong is considered this program, I also know that my mother has been criticized, I have a good child with a good child so far Mom, "Phi Nhung said. There was an opportunity to spread his motherhood, the female singer was born in 1972 in the" 23 children "care. She accepted himself to earn money and when she witnessed her children mature, she knew that his coins earned to take care of their children. "Outside, I don't By anyone. Many people make their mother better than themselves. She only takes care of her children in his arms. How do I teach Wendy to teach other children like that, "the voice must love her daughter Ben Tre said.Phi Nhung and the daughter of the bowel. When it comes to Wendy - the daughter of the intestines, africa choked because of the epidemic situation, so 2 years the female singer did not meet her daughter. The cause of not married is because he wants to spend all feelings for Wendy and adopted children. Female singer spends time for the family, going to spa, traveling, exercising and doesn't want children to worry and bother me. She always tries to be happy, so I don't let the children have to worry and bother. "Many people returned to the elderly of the wealth of living with me. That's something that should not be. I have to have a separate amount of money No need to cycle. I can live to live without bothering my children. My generation is mothers 4.0 ", Lake Van Cuong mothers expressed views. Currently, Phi Nhung is the mother of" 23 The child ". In the present time, Phi Nhung shares itself with a very comfortable life. After the towns, the relationship between the female singer and the adopted son was normal again. She reminds you will always be content and loves your children. So the children always remember the parents' sex.

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