Phi Nhung Singer Has Covid-19, Go To The Emergency Market Hospital

The health status of Phi Nhung singer was heavy, so it was transferred to Cho Ray Hospital on the evening of August 26, 200:00 / 1: 06 NAMA SI Africa, Velvet singer Velvet confirmed that Phi Nhung singer had Covid- 19. After treatment at Gia An Hospital 115 (from August 19), the last night, 26-8, singer Phi Nhung was transferred to Cho Ray Hospital to continue treatment of Covid-19. Si Phi Nhung shared: "Phi Nhung thank the interest of the audience, the press over the past few days. The job has many surdendents and does not have much time to answer each person's inquiry messages. Phi Nhung appointed everyone in the earliest time

. Looking forward to praying everyone to pray for Non-Velvet to overcome this difficult time. "The singer must breathe the machine and use pepper medicine with a severe condition. However, due to improved health, Phi Nhung was transferred in the middle of the night 26-8
The condition of Phi Nhung was quite serious, the plan, Phi Nhung returned to the US from mid-July because there were many shows as well as visiting the daughter. However, because of the stressful epidemic situation, she decided to stay in Vietnam and regularly accompany the kitchen to eat Saigon, cooking for the head of the head and the poor.

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