Phi Nhung Suddenly Shared ‘dao Makes People’ After Noise With Lake Van Cuong

Recently, Phi Nhung launched a photo of Ho Van Cuong, said the two mother and daughter had just supported 1 ton of rice to the relative to Ho Chi Minh City in the stressful epidemic situation, and the profit of a teacher Sắc.0: 00/2: 58 Nou southern tour here 1 month, netizens are a stream before the drama between Phi Nhung and adopted adopted Lake Van Cuong. The story gradually became too far when the lover was discovered by Phi Nhung manager who kept the sand money and Ho Van Cuong earned for a long time. Although the insiders turned around but every speculation was still ongoing. And until now, the relationship between Phi Nhung and the adopted son is always a "hidden number" that makes many people curious

. However, a few hours ago, on the personal page, the "charming" Upload photos hugging a son to raise Lake Van Cuong full of losses and update the activities of the two mothers recently. In particular, the female singer shared the teachings of the Dao makes people full of implications. The picture is shared on the individual female singer, who rely on the mind and not rely on his mouth
Getting sincerely treated, receiving credits, taking lies seducing, people are not honest. Working on everyone's help, without help, the big difficulty. Helping people who are also helping themselves. At the same time, hurting the last person became harming himself. If you want to be respected by friends, you need to learn respect. If we don't know how to use it, what does the enemy rely on to cherish ourselves? "Want to be understood by others, first need to learn how to quantify, drill. If you are always hooked up, others Based on what excuses to cover us? How cold or warm heart relies on how you treat it. If you lift Niu, it will be warm, if you wear it, it will be cold. Love Far or nearly based entirely on how we treat, "a piece of sharing of Phi Nhung. Also according to the singer, making people in true, the dialing needs in the morning, the action needs to hold the duty, not fake , Justarded, doing good or bad, surrounding the evaluation
"Don't compare to measure, it doesn't make it difficult to catch you. Working on good, will be goodyful, save the way back to the person. The most precious life is not money, nor the status is nature and dignity. Grateful, I should find a way to answer, which is a meaningful love. For people who are harmonious, with their work, it is possible to stand in heaven and earth, not souls. Because, people rely on mind, not based on their mouths. These are the teachings of Nano Buddhaya ", Phi Nhung added. Also in the post, the voice of birth in 1972 also shared her image and Lake Van Cuong to send money to volunteer. She said, it should be personally sending gifts but because the disease should only be transferred. "How many mothers can do it. A ton of rice sent to the Fatherland Front of Binh Thanh District this afternoon, But the epidemic so we are not present. Please accept the hearts of my mother's mother ", African messages. The voice of "Ca Mau new shirt" also wishes Ho Chi Minh City soon to recover.Nay under the sharing lesson, many opinions expressed their support and gratitude of the volunteer's hearts of his mother and son. At the same time, many people believe that the female singer is hiding the idea of the incident between her and the son of farming in the past time.

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