Phong Nam – Friendship And Poetic Beauty

Phong Nam is a commune of Chongqing district (Cao Bang), which is loved by many tourists because of their charming and poetic beauty. Looking from above, Phong Nam is like a piece of silk stretches endless with beautiful colors, the strapless river becomes a highlight for nature paintings more impressive. Namam. Photo: Thanh Ha Passenger can go to Phong Nam at several times in the year. However, the most beautiful is the fall, ranging from August to October, when Phong Nam in the ripe season

. Autumn is also the seasons of photographers looking to Phong Nam to hunt photo, explore the pristine beauty and peaceful life in a quiet neighbor. Photo: Tay bar in Phong Nam commune, Chongqing district (Cao Bang) mainly living in agriculture. Photo: Sightseeing bar, visitors can also visit villages of Tay people in Phong Nam
Tay people here mainly live on farmers and go to the forest. The villages still retain the richness of the paint domain

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