Photo Shots Also Do Not Re-use The Goods Ah Sa Thanks To 7 Steps Of Beauty Care Every Day

The female singer Hong Kong Ah Sa was 38 years old retains the fresh beauty thanks to 7 steps of care per day 9: 00/2: 02 nam nam singer Hong Kong Ah Sa was 38 years old but still get the best shape Hao with the timeless beauty. On her face completely not clearly revealing aging traces, even if only gentle makeup still helps to pop up the fresh beauty, overlooking the vitality. This is because Ah Sa is hard to perform 7 steps Skin and body squirrel every day.1. Drinking lots of water sa sa said she regularly drank 8 cups of water every day, drinking both without feeling thirst for enough water, convenient for metabolism

. Exercise more sweaty is very good for the skin, it can detoxify, the sweat gland will be healthier. The singer said thanks to the discharge of skin through sweating during exercise will help the skin improved. Resting a lot of sleep is also important to health and skin
Ah Sa sleeps 7-8 hours a day. She said if it's too busy and doesn't have much time to sleep, keeping a happy mood very important.4. Clean makeups are reason for the job so Ah Sa often has to makeup. However, when she returned home, she would clean up her skin. She advised not to use a multi-eyebrow or too irritation that should be gently erased many times.5. Use skin care products suitable for you Don't think apply all skin care products to the face as well. Too much applied will make pores. If you really want to try many skin care products, separate them according to their effectiveness, and only choose a type every day
But no matter how busy, you must apply sunscreen, this is very important.6. Apply masked mask at least two days a week. She said: "My usual method is to use cleaning and moisturizing masks." 7. Keep your intestinal intestines healthy It is important to keep your intestinal tract healthy according to Ah Sa is eating less sweets. Besides, eat ripening and boiling and eating science and healthy. Having a healthy intestine, the body develops and maintains radiant, vibrant appearance.Moon / according to Ettoday

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