‘photography Career Helps Me Know Every Moment’

It is the conflict of Huynh Kim Dai Huu (born in 1999), currently a final year student, the informatics pedagogical industry, the University of Education (Danang University). As a genuine 'photoholic', he wants everyone to have a deeper, multi-dimensional perspective on film images, about the 'own' inherent 'substances' of this type of: 00/3: 20 namdam delicious Arts from the small dignity gave the flute, because he found a joy and many new things. In class 11, he joined the school music club and was performed in many places. After that, Dai Huu raised the idea of building a YouTube channel to upload videos of shooting. In the process, he began to think about image quality and video quality, decided to understand the camera and related software so that each product itself posted more effectively

. , Learn from social networking sites, teachers at school, siblings in photography. In addition, he studied himself, reading a lot of documents and books related to photography. "I have put some books about photography in China, then, I use text translation software, translating every book page and find out
Indeed, the document pages, opened themselves a lot of new knowledge, "he recalls. With Dai Huu, each photo is a memorable memory. With Dai Huu, every place is passing, Each person is met, leaving him for memorable lessons, memorable memories. That was, helped him accumulate more life experiences, many good relationships. In particular, it also changes from there, mature, understanding the profession. "Fascinating" taking a picture of Filml and a person who does not belong to nostalgia, but the gossip is extremely interested in shooting films, because he is there Feel the depth of color, nature and gently in each photo. "I often spend a day of the week, get up soon to go to dawn. I will bring a camera, open a piece of music, with coffee bags to bring. Sitting at the sun, with brilliant sunshine, many special colors, truthful and beautiful colors, "he confided. Difficulties are not afraid of difficulty and struggling with their passion for photography
The properties of Film cameras are unspeakable as shot as digital cameras; In addition, light is an extremely important factor. Therefore, to capture beautiful films, according to the elevator who holds the machine must always be careful, meticulous and precious every moment. The people in the profession must know thinking, predict the directions before shooting a set of photos. Peaceful and honest scenes through the corner of the film's film. Also according to the Democrats pretty much. For example, the shooting is finished, detecting the Film Film, Lighting Film, accompanied by objective reasons such as moisture, environmental temperature makes a fragile film ... even for new friends "Film play" is very easy to boring and give up. "I think, what's harder, the more I have to learn, the more you have to conquer. The two words "passionate" helps themselves to do it, "he caught up. The gentle, natural of a sample of a photo of Dai Huu's film camera. Real Designer. He said he was extremely lucky to be trusted by many people and delivered designed products to him. Constantly persistently learn, raise the spirit of bridges to meet the needs of customers. He hopes to create a highlight, a personal brand "GP Studio 99" he is building growing. Besides, it also wants people to have a deeper look about movies, about its "substances", "its soul" brings.

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