Photography: Subjects In Photos Are Important, But Don’t Give Other Factors ‘out Of The Edge’

A beautiful photograph must have the harmony of all the elements, not only every subject in between anh.Khi photography, we often find special things, great or brilliant to the subject, there is strength attract and impress the viewers. To do this, we give a lot of money to get places with majestic scenery, historical find in Google Maps or hire a model dep.Nhung by pursuing special subject, we forget that there is a beautiful photograph of the foreground elements, other background. The subject is what will attract the viewer's eyes, but not the only factor in the photo

. Even in many famous picture, the subject appears only in a small area of the image, and the remaining space is reserved for "other things." "Other things" does not even have to be other things, which is just empty space, only one white. Everything seemed as picture becomes empty again capable of turning a photo "good" to "excellent"
Cuoc our lives very noisy and colorful, you just need to walk on the road large cities will find a lot of interesting subjects. You can even board the plane, to the interesting places in just a few hours. Beautiful in the subject across all locations, all of us can take to duoc.Su difference lies in whether you have booked the subject into an eye upon the context or not. You are not just taking photos a thing, a person that you are creating an image with many other factors nhau.Toi liked the concept of "white space", it makes me think of the process of creating a new work by the artist. They start from a blank page, then meticulously created entities and other elements in his paintings. Photography did not start so we just took what we see today, but through different techniques we can still create harmonious picture, there are gaps to be subject more dep.Khong denied that the subject will remain the most important elements in a photograph. But the more you spend a lot of time to arrange the space, the space is more attractive picture stronger
Tell yourself to do this yourself every time your photography!

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