Photos At The Super Close Range Near The Truth About The Beautiful Skin Of The Dream Of Chinese Language

Want to know how beautiful the skin of beautiful Chinese female stars, look at the photos taken at a close range nearby and also zoom carefully. Who has acne, who has a wrinkle or bruise, who has a stretching skin ... all revealed in the middle of the year

. Smooth skin does not have a speck of acne, a slender body of thousands of loves. But of course, in fact, it is different, not every C-Biz female star possesses the perfect appearance. A close-face photographs spoke straight to the skin of beautiful Chinese beauties causing many audiences Must be surprised
There are smooth skin people like advertising photos but also have a poor skin shouting. Trieu Dinh has a delicate, small face with lovely big eyes like dolls but meets the skin less perfect. When she looked extremely close, her skin was tiny, but only needed a thorough makeup was covering. It was no longer able to keep the skin smooth but still quite smooth. Duong Mich Makeup regularly for twenty years but still keeps the skin like this is also very respectful. Three thermostats when looking close-up nor have beautiful skin like the image has been edited. Xinjiang Americans turned out to do not avoid hateful acne spots. Although he has a smooth white skin, there shows signs of aging quite soon, the cheeks and around the corners of the mouth have no longer stretch the ball. Angelababy's skin is beautiful and beautiful. Pink white smooth and stretched that many people had to desire to know how to know her skin care secretly
The aimed feeling "American Number 1 Beijing" with beautiful skin ideal. The pores on the skin are very small, the skin is both color and no acne is what every girl is wished.quan understands the advantage of being younger than the younger seniors so the skin also stretches the ball and smooth well. Although he had reached the age of 40, Pham Bang Bang still caused netizens to be surrounded by his perfect skin. Pham Bang Bang ever revealed she covered the mask several times a day and now, the C-Biz star is eating to make the paper mask. Mai Phong - Photo synthesis

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