Photos Taken From The Most Impressive High In 2021

Red lava flows erupted from volcanoes in Iceland, red light at a cremator of patients died of Covid-19 in India, or painting on the sand to emphasize the impact of climate change ... are photos taken from high impressive in 2021.Dung Nham red from Fagradalsfjall volcano, Reykjanes, Iceland, September 4, 2021

.Then houses are located on the village's "death hole" in the village Nefyn, Wales, England on April 20, 2021. The cremation of patients died of Covid-19 in New Delhi, India on April 22, 2021.The thousands of migrants were concentrated in Del Rio International Bridge After crossing the Rio Grand River from Ciudad Acuna, Mexico into Del Rio, Texas, USA on September 18, 2021
A ship is located on the landscape near Lake Hensley when the temperature increases, leading to the drought as a river In Madera, California is run out of water. The photo taken on July 14, 2021. Elephant crosses the bridge across the Yuanjiang River, Yunnan Province, China, August 8, 8 / 2021. Death is shrinking, area near Jericho, West Bank. The photo was taken on November 1 / 2021. The image looked from above a deserted beach in Istanbul, Turkey on 12/6/2021. It is clearly visible to the thick layer of organic matter, also known as marine mucus, overflowed through the Marmara Sea and caused a threat to marine life and fishing industry. Water melted on a iceberg in the bay Disko near Ilulissat, Greenland, September 14, 2021. The portrait of sand in Whitby Beach, England on March 15, 2021. The drawing was carried out by artist Jamie Wardley to portray a child carrying water barrels on the rift ground, alongside the tide line rise
The drawing to emphasize the impact of climate change for water sources. The protesters plugged the flag to commemorate those who died for Covid-19 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 1/2021. Long streaks when moving on the grass in a park in Zurich, Switzerland, on Novitting 3/11 / 2021.Con gourd led from Mitzpe Ramon town to Ramon's mouth on the Negev, Israel, on 22 10/2021. Extreme weather causes serious floods in the area near the River Hawkesbury, Northwest Sydney, Australia, March 25 / 2021.Hoang Pham / (translation) according to Reuters

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