Phu Yen – The Gateway To The South

The drastic and drastic variables on Phu Yen land for a long time show that the weak location of the land is dubbed the 'rice bowl of the central region'.0: 00/4: 38 domain NamThanh Nhan (Phu Yen) If Quang Nam Ancient area (Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen today) is where Vietnamese people have temporarily kind of legs, compensating forces before continuing the journey of men, Then Phu Yen is where the geographic eduction, directly face the three, storms, hun casting people become hard, thick, ready to endure the wind, the rain and sun. On the way to South to North has become a witness of the historic years of volatile history. Five 1471, after King Le Thanh Tong's ship to Thi Nai, the table, the land from Hai Van Pass to the pass Cu Mong shaped 3 Sublimation (now Quang Nam), Tu Nghia (Quang Ngai) and Hoai Nhon (Binh Dinh), meanwhile, the land from Cu Mong to Ca Pass (Phu Yen today) is still Fire margin For a long time. At 1558, Nguyen Hoang entered Thu Thuan Quang, gradually promoting the position in Dang

. By 1578, the Lord of Luong Van Chanh led the army to cross the Cu Mong pass, expanding the right to govern on a large land to the great office. In 1597, Luong Van Chanh followed the example of the Lord Nguyen Hoang, bringing the people in Thanh Nghe, Thuan Quang to Khai Hoang. At the beginning of 1611, Nguyen Hoang took the land from Cu Mong to Thach Bi set to Phu Yen, including two districts Dong Xuan and Tuy Hoa, belonging to Dinh Quang Nam
In 1629, Tran Bien Dinh was established. In 1771, the Tay Son brothers started starting a business, soon after they continued to go to Quy Nhon, continue to bring the troops Occupying Quang Nam, Phu Yen, Dien Khanh, Binh Khang, Binh Thuan, ... continuously for about 30 years later (1771-1800), this land also witnessed bloody battles between Tay Son and Military troops Nguyen Anh. The drastic and drastic turns on Phu Yen land for a long time showed that the weak position of the land was dubbed the "rice bowl of the Central". In the exploitation of Dang Trong, Phu Yen is a place that broke out harsh conflicts among interest groups, the corporation controversed each other, which stands out is contradictory between sand forces and desire nothing lay Transfer of the whole community wants to build a unified, rich country. At the same time, it is from solutions and results of settling such conflicts and conflicts, this land has become powerful launchers and impulse sources to complete Nam Tien, national unification. Documents and legends, Phu Yen land have a close relationship with a well-known or famous character of the land of Bui Ta Han.born in 1496 in Chau Hoan, now Nghe An province, a character Standing under the flag of Nguyen Kim's "Bandage" of Nguyen Kim
Int Ty (1545), Nguyen Kim Giao for Bui Ta Han Trade of Thua Thua Quang Nam. The imperial court for Mr. Dien General, after the Northern Thang Military Admiral coated with the Chief Chief, Depression of Public District, Giao Tuyen to receive Quang Nam and he holds this position until the day of Ta. (1568). At that time, Thua Quang Nam was the area of the town, at the same time, the pedestrian in the Nam Tien's public. During the following 13 years of assignment here, Bui Tan Han has implemented many appropriate policies, encouraging production, stabilizing people's lives, modifying the activation and customs in the direction of progress and development Trade, keeping the interaction between downstream and inverted regions. Lang Forest - Mount Mr. Tran is a place related to Bui Tá Han, which is called the names to respect him respect. The temple is also built by people in the Western places in the western provinces from Quang Ngai to Nam.Di Statue of Bui Ta Han at the temple in Quang Ngai city (Lotion due to a Venerable Master of Phu Yen) Transmission, the time of life, in one time Bui Ta Han went to Phu Yen economy, with a monk here admiring the merit he had pleased to engrave the whole body to worship. Some time later, there was a head of Quang Ngai province when I was raised across the temple, seeing the statue, asking for a monk to pick up the shop, where he built the village, opening the land to smoke and worship Phung. That statue is still at the church of Cong Quoc Cong Bui Han - a national cultural historical relic, located in Quang Ngai city. Has a 550-year round, since the Nam Le operation of King Le Saints, over 4 centuries since Phu Yen's place, history has gone through a long way, with how many changes in strawberry tank. As a new land, when Vietnamese people from Thanh Nghe, Thuan Quang came here to listen, Phu Yen became the gateway to raise a seasoned people from the north, from Nam Ngai to walk to men. A central strip from Hai Van Pass to Ca Pass, which is Quang Nam, is now Da Nang city and Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh and Phu Yen provinces in the Great Vietnamese family. There are also changes, but there are also immutable things. Still duckweed, soup, cake, little cake. Still a holiday day

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