Phuket Has Just Opened The Door, International Tourists Have Charged ‘tightened’

Some tourists are dissatisfied immediately after Phuket (Thailand) opened because it was calculated for excess taxi prices.02: 00/2: 13 Namhom 2/7, a female visitors who shared questions Social networks when being quoted by the hotel 900 baht (about 650,000 VND) for the distance from Phuket airport on this stay in Patong (estimated to 40 km). "Previously, I was not as expensive. I saw some people only pay 700 baht (about 500,000 VND) to go to the hotel, "female visitors said. Taxi price in Phuket is considered too high

. Photo: Dreams Time.Nattakorn Ruengroj, a local tour guide, shared the post and asks questions for taxi drivers in Phuket. He called on the units to exploit tourism in Phuket if possible, charge less
Nattakorn's discussion is the first group to Phuket mainly including actors. They will promote Phuket after the translation and pay themselves to do it. "If the taxi money is too high, who will help Phuket anymore," This person asks for another, Nattakorn also admitted Shocked because the taxi fee is too high that the other female visitors have to pay. "I don't want to use it, but this price is too expensive. When the first pandemic happened, they could reduce the price to 400 baht ( About VND 300,000) from the airport to Patong. Why don't they think about that hard time? "This tour guide acknowledged the negative experiences about Phuket would adversely affect tourism images Phuong. Nattakorn affirmed that Thailand can attract tourists through hospitality, delicious dishes and beautiful nature. "Don't take advantage of Phuket in the current situation," he stressed. There are no specific rates for taxi rates. Photo: The Phuket News
Nattakorn's sharing quickly received a lot of feedback from the Thai Network Community. Even, Banyat Kantha, Phuket Traffic Manager, also spoke out. According to Mr. Banyat, the price of 900 Baht from the airport to Patong is the old price rather than increasing. The government side also checked the post of the other female visitors and determined that this person did not arrive in Phuket. However, she is expected to arrive on July 14. This guest also stayed at the hotel several times earlier. "The 900 Baht was the old price of the hotel but now reduced to about 600-700 baht. However, there are no specific rates for taxi prices", He said. He also did not comment further about the female post. Earlier, many foreign guests are often charged more expensive than the same distance. The dragon has welcomed foreign visitors to the airport Phuket (Thailand) used a hose to welcome the people First international visitors on flights from Abu Dhabi (UAE).

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