Phuong My Chi Chai For Cham Skin: Skincare Hard But ‘skin Does Not Care’

She since graduated from graduating, there were identities of identity such as weight loss, skin care, taking vitamins ... but acne still on ignores in 00: 00/3: 05 nuoc nam, My Chi and 2k3 Having just had the opportunity to enjoy the stress discharge period after the high school graduation exam took place not long ago. She celebrates the results of his test score on the individual page of 8,51/10 certification for the learning process for 12 years seriously

. It is a famous student who is a famous star in the showbiz, Phuong My Chi has had no pressure in the last exam. She did not avoid skin and downgraded health but still tried to reassure fans with the most active words. The skin of her skin finished pouring excess oil quite a lot and so inevitably inevitably acne spots Fish eggs appear scattered in the forehead, cheeks, chin and whole mouth
Immediately, after completing the exam, the voice of the countryside of the flood season flooded all the enthusiasm for skin care differently. But, recently, she posted a picture on a personal page that announces the current skin status in the present not as a dream.In the cheeks of the girl 10x started floating hidden acne spots, a few The acne is dark. This cheek side skin is not white, pink and quite dark. Reality, the skin status of Phuong My Chi is not so serious. However, for celebrities, this is true an obsession. Try to check the pictures of the hardship of care for nearly 2 weeks and then see what is the cause of acne. The folk singers are very conscious in cooling skin and detox skin from inside with all kinds drinks. First to mention vitamin C to enhance the resistance of the skin and prevent acne very effectively. She used the whole squash, fragrant and even summary
She was also very conscious of loading fiber into the body with a beautiful physique, a smooth skin. Phuong My Chi investes strongly eat fruits with high vitamin C and high antioxidants such as guava, orange, butter ... in parallel with that, a healthy skin is indispensable for being cleaned deep from the hole Pores by exercising. You know, when exercising, sweat through skin functions such as cooling, while escaping pores to help your skin healthier and cleaner. Of course, it is not possible to work hard to clean your skin Makeup removal. Although at home does not make up but only skin care but still need to remove the page at least once at the end of the day. You will be surprised because the cotton bleaching color is back because of dirt, sebum! Look at the fost of care stages are quite good and scientifically, but why is the skin still pimples? Phuong My Chi does not reveal its own skin care cycle with what kind of products should be difficult to "catch". However, the situation of public investment to Skincare that "Skin does not care" as she is often seen in the Women's Sisters Association. The following is a number of possible reasons you have made but do not pay attention. Choose inappropriate concentrations in recent years, lover when buying Skincare items began to have more knowledge about how to read components and choose Concentration suitable for its skin. If you choose a low concentration product, the effect on the skin will not be enough or if it is too strong to make skin irritation. Advice from professionals is that you should still choose the product with low concentrations first to avoid applying to the skin and turning "healed cows into cried cows". The cosmetic layer is not targeted with the product Treatment (treatment) Or have an anti-aging acid composition, not every one can apply to each other at the same time. For example, AHA and BHA (chemical exfoliating active ingredients) are used at the same time or niaciamide (oil alkali, tighten pores) used at the same time with BHA / AHA, .. . There are many questions you need to learn before buying cosmetics, absolutely not to use cosmetics according to the movement. In the past, there was a time when Phuong My Chi was controversial because of the mask before taking a shower And wash your face. Instead of removing the makeup, using the face to wash the face before she gives prioritizes the paper mask.The normal, makeup remover, washing cleanser will help eliminate daily dirt accumulating on the skin. After that, applying the next paper mask will help osmotic essences into the skin faster. Hopefully, I don't make this mistake that makes the skin become getting worse. Looking too much to accidentally causing stress here is probably the error that almost everyone has. When pouring money, effort for skin care, everyone wants to receive a beautiful skin. However, because of that great expectation, it is easy to give birth to stress. You spend every day every day to watch the skin, touch your skin and when some unusual expression is worried about it. Any an empty product should also have time to operate effectively. With anti-aging products like AHA / BHA, retinol, tretinoin, you have to give your skin for at least 3 months to have accurate answers.

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