Phuong Thanh: I Am A Volunteer To 1pm, My Daughter Still Waits For My Mother

'Have a realistic volunteer who feels terrible, different from the words. People who do not know or talk a lot, but we don't know how to describe what to say ', Phuong Thanh Tam is 9: 00/5: 51 South regions do not drink water to avoid going to the toilet - the last time Seeing you posting Facebook, contacting it's easy, why? I posted it to have and turned off the phone immediately. Wearing protective clothes using the phone is very dangerous, where I'm f0 again. Today, we "plowed" the Foundation Hospital enjoyed! I volunteered for more than a month, now no one count the day. Our group 50 - 60 people: Nguyen Phi Hung, Khau Thuy, Hoang Phi Kha, Hoang My,

... Quynh Hoa as a pregnant woman in charge of "show" and arranged schedules
Each "show" ten thousand people, there are days we run 6 "shows". The first volunteeread volunteers are so unfamiliar. We have to walk 10 hours / day. Singing is easy to hold a vote or coordinator as the stalk. I would regret protective clothes, so I don't drink water from going to the toilet. So that we - amateur volunteers (volunteers), now like professional volunteers. Currently, we no longer know what's hard. TNV's work is important because the outer loop loses terrible order. We coordinate well the outer ring, the doctor works effectively, singing, giving gifts, haircuts,
.. Volunteers have anything to do. - You go home every night, there is a worry about My relatives? I'm at home with the old mother, sleeping with you so I should take care of the working rules, from disinfectant spray to not use the phone. The first first is busy, I often go at 2pm and finish the public Job at 12:00 in night, sometimes 1pm the next morning, collapsed on the spot! I often have to sleep up to 9am to get up. Everyone intends to go 1 day, take a day off but every day will go. I'm strange, the better the better. Volunteer reminds me of the reception of soldiers to serve 4 days. Phuong Thanh has bloodyry blood, so he loves to fight. There is a realistic volunteer who feels terrible, different from the words. Who didn't know or talk more, but we don't know how to describe what to say. I am old, then ... ", I cut it right away:" What big? Who is big? Here there is no age. Where are you going I go, I'm not sure you go back to me, don't joke! " . Later, everyone also recognized me "bear head", lucky, young people also offered. Volunteers are scolded to slap - my mother and chicken say anything to you? My mother was "sick" proudly You! (Laughter) My whole family is a soldier, my father driving Dien Bien Phu without afraid of death, my brother went to the Southwest border, so I was born brought the bloodstream. My mother was right at 11am Preparing all the things to the daughter to volunteer, I finished the rice to be on the road. She was very proud of the neighbors when the daughter was so unchanged. She lives because everyone is like older, how much is it given to the romantic chicken. She walked away, she did not stop but she always woke up to 1 hour to wait for her. Yes at 12:00 night, she called: "Mom, why didn't you go back?", I woke up: "Give me 1 hour for her uncle". Mother and my child is the same, always proud and silent. House 3 3-generation women are all "bears" alike! - "The other person" must not be worried? (Laughter) Oh, I'm all my bloody blood. So when I am puzzled, those around me are only proud and proud! Thinking and strangely, my house has a tradition of soldiers, to Phuong Thanh's life, but also walking in the army to be artist ... Phuong Thanh coordinates at the test site. She wears protective clothes but many people still recognize the singer.- Does anyone realize that you are a singer? The artist wore a TNV, so whoever looks like anyone. Many times are coordinating, I'm cursed by people for letting them wait long. I have to be thin, saying: "We are TNV, are waiting for a doctor like the uncle" not saying it is the artist. I bissed from head to my head but many people recognized Phuong Thanh. At any time, I could laugh back, when I was eager, I denied it: "I'm not Phuong Thanh". (Laughter) I went to do TNV, so I should avoid the absolute of cluttering, affecting the work of medicine doctor. Have the day, I was slimed by people but to the afternoon, they realized the singer Phuong Thanh should cook Tools Error. - Do you and the artists often have scolded situations? The first few days, I was not used to the protective suit, so it could be hot, tired of affecting the psychology. But when I get used to, I'm rarely angry. We sold the doctor to ballast. Or I want to have no controversy. Really, I know myself. Someone scolded me wanted. I have to recite 3 times: "I am a volunteer, not artist" to calm, ignore. I studied well the word "rings" when doing volunteers, true meaning of life. Has this person, the other. We are TNV what to do, sing, give gifts, haircuts, ... for people. I "pushed" the first 3 heads. I asked: "Do you like short hair, brave enough for lemon lemon?", So there are 3 contacts

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