Pick Up ‘1-tongue Monster’ In The Home Yard, The Boy Shocked When She Discovered The Animal’s Body

Perhaps, the face of this pitiful 'monster' will be an unforgettable memory with the Amie de Martin guy, living in the Philippines.02: 00/1: 03 namtheo Word Amie de Martin, this guy It has seen animals while exercising at home front. At first, the guy was quite scared because suddenly faced a bizarre shape object. But soon after, Amie's pet dog suddenly ran and forgive the animal to the nest, he found out that was actually a puppy with birth defects. Puppy when Amie picked up, it only There is one eye but there are two strange puppies who only possess one eye with two giant tongues protruding and no nose

.amie gave the animal drink a little milk and take it to the veterinarian with hope The little dog, which they named "Cyclops" will survive. However, it was not over until the next day and died at about 10 pm that evening because he could not breathe normally. The veterinarian said that the mother dog could have eaten toxic when pregnant and caused Out of congenital malformations for puppies
Instead of burying pitiful little animals, Amie decided to preserve it in the glass box to commemorate this special dog.

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