Pick Up Strange Ice, 44 Years Later Discovered As Invaluable Treasures

In 1968, Trung Luong was still a boy picking up a strange stone. 44 years later, it was confirmed by experts as a precious book. In April 2012, farmers named Trung Luong in Ham Duong, Shaanxi, China suddenly received a red paper with an internal paper Dung: "We came here to thank his contribution to protecting the national cultural relic. I also want to invite you to join the praise took place in December .

..". This incident stems from the fact that he found a strange stone at 44 years ago
Specifically, into a schedule in September 1968, Trung Luong dropped on the river bank after school. Accordingly, he picked up some stones thrown into the water. Suddenly, he found another stone that often had square edges. Not only that, it also emits strange light. So, Trung Luong mang the strange stone to the river bank to clean the dirt and take it home. He excitedly told stories with his brother. At first, the British didn't care but later noticed it could be a seal. Therefore, he of the Chinese Confusion brought out the gemstone shop asked the person who was understood to see if he did not know much antiques so the gemstone owner could only identify it a seal but it was not clear. How. After hearing the son telling the story to find the stones suspicious of the ancient seal, the father of the middle of the middle sessions measured a while
Finally, he decided to deliver strange stone for authorities. Experts after checking, discovering the strange stone, but Trung Luong was a seal made from Ngoc. Chances are Ngoc Hoa Dien. On the seal with an engraved animal image with double split horns and feet with 4 nails, tails, rolls into. This is a popular mascot from the war to the Chinese time. The square base of the 4-character engraving seal is said to be "Queen of Chi billion" (Queen's seal). Therefore, experts are extremely happy and promised to give merit and bonuses of 1,000 yuan. However, the Sino-Chinese father refused. After being convinced, they received the amount of 20 yuan to make travel costs. Since then, Trung Luong and the family returned to normal life. Meanwhile, experts continue to research on rare seals on. After more than 4 decades of research, experts identified the owner of the seal on as Hau - Queen of Han Cao Nu Luu . In 2013, the Chinese Cultural Heritage Department took seals into the "List of cultural relics banned from abroad (border) in the 3rd phase". Readers watching videos: Hanoi: A series of cases Stealing antiques at the temple family. Source: Thdt.Tam Anh (TH)

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