Pickford Set A Record, Why Did He Still Remind Kasper To Be Caught To Tam Su?

Kasper Schmeichel goalkeeper qualified to wear the British team, but he chose to wear a Danish national team jacket.0: 00/2: 23 namkasper domain implementation of 18 saving in Euro 2020dan vasculars loses In reverse England in the Euro 2020 semi-finals, goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel still deserves the best player in the match. The bravery and the 5-year-old goalkeeper saw the majority of the goalkeeper help Danmark stood before the attacks of the home team in 90 minutes of formal competition.Nay before the penalty penalty decision He is in the 102th minute, Kasper Schmeichel even shines the laser light on his face. However, the 35-year-old goalkeeper was still very focused and pushed up Harry Kane's shot, before receiving a unfortunate lost table from the compensation of this striker

. According to Squawka's statistics, Kasper made up to 9 saves for the Danish team against England. The other side of the war, despite setting a record is the longest cleaning goalkeeper for the England with 721 minutes, Jordan Pickford had a day of playing as expected. At 15 minutes, Everton's goalkeeper had a ball straight into the striker's legs on the Danish side, but was not enough to pay
During the match, Pickford also had fumbling processors that made England fans to have a heart attack. Becond the finals of Italy meet the upcoming Italian, many fans "Tam Mu" expressed anxiety before the performance of the performance Master Pickford, while repeating Kasper, she should have been the goalkeeper of England, not playing for Denmark.Cha's goalkeeper Kasper is the legend of MU- Peter Schmeichel. is the son of the goalkeeper Manchester United's Club, Peter Schmeichel, Kasper and his family in his father's feet moved to Old Trafford when he was 5 years old.Peter Schmeichel spent 8 years with MU, becoming one of the best Premier League goalkeeper All time, while Kasper spends most of his childhood in the UK. To have a British nationality, the registrant needs to live in the UK at least 5 years, ie Kasper is eligible to import British nationality. However, Kasper was finally chosen to devote his talent to the Danish team and launched this country's national team in 2013. The Kasper decided not to enter the citizenship. His father's impact. Because Peter Schmeichel ever claims: "Kasper is a Danish
There is no chance that my son will play for England and the discussion about this should stop here. Britain is to let him. And Kasper was born with a Danish, the whole family was Danish, nothing could make Kasper become a brother. "

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