‘pigs’ Revealed Viet Huong To Tell The Charity To Make Her With Their Nostalgia

Although it is just a short conversation with Viet Huong's comedy, the audience recognizes positive changes in the lives of singer Phuong Loan - the wife who attempts to Chi Tai <: 00/1: 48 namname of the artist Chi Phuong and his wife - singer Phuong Loan. HERE LIST, Viet Huong's comedian shared a message between her and Phuong Loan - Life and artist's wife to attract the interest of fans. Download, singer Phuong Loan Message Viet Huong: "Afternoon to work and listen to Viet Huong to tell the story to do charity on the drive, he smiled too much. Talking cute how to do that "." I am very admired by Viet Huong and Hoai Phuong spouses to do charity with a driver anymore, so cute

. Each piece of Vietnamese incense told the baby to hear that smiled too, "Singer Phuong Loan sent to the junior. Remember him to cry. Now, there are Viet Huong to tell the story to go to a charity of a pig "
Can see, a small but positive change in Phuong Lai's life makes fans breathe. It is known that Viet Huong's family has a fairly close relationship with a family of artist Chi Tai. When the artist Chi talented in Vietnam, Viet Huong is one of the artists standing out of the funeral and these The procedure is needed to transfer the artist's flexibility to the US. Meanwhile, Viet Huong commune is Hoai Phuong musician who supports Phuong Loan and the family to prepare funerals in the United States. Viet Huong - Hoai Phuong artist husband is active in the episodes. It was about Vietnam to reunite with the family. The days of Ho Chi Minh City outbreaks of Covid-19, Viet Huong and Mr. commune actively active volunteers. Not only to buy money to buy food support for poor workers stuck between pandemic, Viet Huong spent billions of dong to buy an ambulance to give Mr. Ngoc Hai delegation to free patients and two cars carrying spirits Giving a charity burial group
Besides, Viet Huong and Hoai Phuong participate in transporting and distributing themselves to hundreds, thousands of volunteer points in Saigon. The couple's actions make everyone sense.

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