Pin At The Series Of Recipes For Roses At Home Helps To Tighten Pores, White Skin Care

Rose water has a use of moisture for the skin, balancing pH and tighten pores, which you can do your own toner at home. , indispensable rose water because it has a moisture supply for skin, balance pH and tighten pores. Refer to some of the following ways, you will add ways to make roses with simple natural ingredients at home. How to make roses from fresh roses to the quality of roses from fresh roses are best, she should Choosing the pink petals do not get sprayed. 'When the rose petals are faded

. - Step 3: Pour the water to the filter bag to filter the petals and let it cool and put in the bottles / bottles of dark colors to store. Moisture, skin regeneration, improves wrinkles. Water is available to do the following: - Step 1: Take about 7 to 10 freshwater branches to clean, peel and soak in cold water 10 '
-Step 2: Conduct the gel section and put it into the blender blender.- Step 3: Use the filter to filter the water then put it into a bottle. Week is enough. Convention of roses from fish lettuce fish Lettuce can be used to make skin roses to prevent, improve acne, tighten pores and deepen deep cleansing. Data should be prepared: - 500gr Vegetables Fresh fish lettops.- 2 tablespoons olive oil.- 400ml white wine. It is as follows: - Step 1: bring lettuce wash, soak with salt and drain. - Step 2: Give vegetables into the blender Pure ingredients with 200ml of white wine. - Step 3: After that, bring the vegetables just filtered to get the juice and then give 2 tablespets of olive oil to stir
- Step 4: Finally, give 200ml white wine into the mixed mixture Obtained and put in the glass jar to enter the refrigerator compartment to use gradually. How to make honey rose water with vitamin B, C and minerals beneficial for the skin, honey roses will help nourish healthy skin , preventing acne bacteria and level moist to the skin amazing. The need to use: - 10 to 15 fresh roses.- 1 to 2 tablespoons of pure honey. - 1 liter of water. .- Water bath, glass bowl and zip bag. M: - Step 1: Minute the rose petals and soak the salt water about 15 '.- Step 2: After that, spread the rosewarm around the glass bowl and pour 1 liter of water into the bowl, so that the water is filled with flowers Pink.- Step 3: She covers the back of the pot and turns on the kitchen with a moderate amount of fire. - Step 4: Boil water, her for kicks and zip bags and put on the pot. Continuously replacing stone within 45 '.- Step 5: Finally, the amount of water obtained in the glass is the main roses. - Step 6: Wait until the water is cold and for honey is that she had honey rose water. Good and beautiful

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