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Although everything has not returned to normal state, you can completely learn before and add the spectacular travel ideas below to your list for holidays after the pandemic ends. 00/3: 50 Southern numbers of vaccination people are increasing every day and travel is always the first thing we want to do. Although there are positive signs, everything has not returned to normal state, moving and enjoying the destination is still a dream. However, you can completely learn and add the spectacular travel ideas below to your desired list for holidays after the pandemic ends.alentejo, Portugal will constantly see Beautiful stunning landscapes in Alentejo Prefecture, mostly located in Portugal's suburbs

. With soft hills and quiet sunset scenes, you will find a positive culture and the perfect place to relax. It is also what we need after the years the whole world stretches with epidemic. By cycling through the beaches, watching the lighthouse and fishing villages, or go into the mainland to come to the Winery, castle and agricultural market
Hire a bicycle in Évora and design your own route or put a complete package to get more services and utilities.Algerian along the Mediterranean, Algeria provides incredible Roman ruins. If that is not enough, you can go to the Sahara desert or Hoggar mountain range to closer to nature and add beautiful experiences to his adventure.Alta, Norway is known for the name " Optical extreme city, Alta provides appropriate conditions to hunt north light. Unlike other destinations in Scandinavia, the night at ALTA is often very clear, facilitating visitors to admire extremely clear optical phenomena. There are even hotels "Arctic dome" (high-end tape with transparent walls) that suits your wallet rather than glass tents in other localities. When you are far from north, Extreme optical season lasts longer than you can expect, lasting from September to March. However, you should visit in the winter to be able to enjoy Christmas atmosphere, wearing ski shoes and reindeer riding when There.Antigua, Guatemalakhong denies that Antigua, Guatemala is a tourist destination for SanTa Santa celebrations (holy week or week before Easter). Every year, local people create gorgeous "carpets" on streets with color sawdust, flowers and other materials
These complex artworks can only be viewed for several hours before religious communication groups marching through them. Although you will miss this week in 2021, but it's time to start travel planning in early 2022! Also, Antigua is also very hospitable on the remaining days of the year. The town has many beautiful churches to visit, great restaurants and volcanoes to explore right outside the town.Assam, IndiaAsaSam close to the Himalayan ranges than Taj Mahal. Ecotourism is the main reason to visit this place, when wildlife species are an amazing attraction. You can see the rhino of a horny in the Kaziranga National Park or explore the evergreen forest at Hoollongapar gibbon reserve. A fertile land, which has just become a good house for wildlife Should be ideal for agriculture. The estate here is very beautiful and can be a great way to help you enjoy some smaller villages in Northeast India.Atutthaya, Thailand has a truth: Nobody in the West Study about Ayutthaya History class, despite the fact that it is the world's largest city in 1700. However, most visitors today learn about history earlier, including ruins at Ayutthaya Historical Park From 1350. The train from Bangkok regularly departed to make a 90-minute trip to Ayutthaya. In fact, most visitors arrive in a day trip and all decide to stay overnight. Because you will admire the temples in the early morning and late afternoon when they are the most peaceful. The sunset always carries a charming beauty and it is also a great reason for you to leave too soon ./. Ctv Quynh Nguyen / According to Forbes

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