Plan 300,000 Tons Of Garbage To Find A Hard Drive Containing 7,500 Bitcoin

James Howells, an English engineer who has accidentally thrown a hard drive containing 7,500 Bitcoin in 2013, estimated to be worth up to 246 million USD 9: 00/2: 35 South West, Men 35 Age from his Newport city tried to find a hard drive for many years. Recently, he shared a 12-month plan to find a hard drive in the city landfill.James said he will use X-ray scanning device and artificial intelligence technology to realize thing This. "We have a system with many conveyors, X-ray scanning equipment and technology Who are designed to find the device that share the same size and a separate volume similar to the hard drive," James Howells Emphasize.James Howells said he threw up his hard drive containing his 7,500 Bitcoin to the city landfill

. Photo: Cheraw Chronicle.Howells believes that his old hard drive is in an area wider than 200 square meters and can be 15 meters deep based on aerial photos. According to estimates, a total of 300,000 - 400,000 tons of waste need to be considered if they want to find the old hard drive
Theo, James talked to some of the world's best data recovers Over the past 4 months. He shared he wanted to make sure that the entire Bitcoin in that hard drive would be safely removed. However, the intention of the engineer soon stumbled on the vehement opposition from the Newport city government. Even if James suggested to compensate a sum of up to 76 million USD, the government remained resolutely refused to affect the habitat of the people. "Cost to dig land and storage and storage Waste treatment can be up to millions of pounds. Even if it found that hard, there was no guarantee about it still works normally. Moreover, the licensing for this issue is not under our jurisdiction and excavations will adversely affect the surrounding areas, "Newport city government answered.James Howells misused the hard drive containing 7,500 Bitcoin In 2013. Photo: Guardian
Nam in 2013, Howells accidentally tossed the hard drive containing 7,500 btth while moving. This Bitcoin number is available from the Howells time using the computer CPU to dig. As of November 2013, the value of Bitcoin is at 6.5 million USD. Since then, he always finds ways to find a hard drive back. The ability to recover data from the hard drive, Howells said: "Nothing is sure (that it still works) but I still have faith. Its outer shell can be destroyed but inside, where stored data may still work well. I believe I still have a chance. However, the smaller the chance is smaller than the chance. "Currently, there is a cashachine speculator that is ready to support a part of the cost of finding a hard drive for James. In return, they want this engineer to split certain Bitcoin if the hard drive finds. According to the value of July 13, the total value of 7,500 Bitcoin has reached over 246 million USD. Royal

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