Plan To Revive The Ghost Elephant

Using CRISPR genetic engineering, ambitious researchers to recover extinction species to help the ecosystem against climate change and biodiversity losses 9: 00/2: 24 NAM NOW, business Ben Lam Nhan announced the establishment of Biological and Genetic Sciences Company called Colossal. The co-founder of the company is the world's famous genetic scientist and a world-renowned biotech entrepreneur - Dr. George Church. Colossal aims to "reverse extinction" for creatures. Coming against climate change through re-establishing ecosystems, Colossal will use Crispr technology to build the "reverse reverse" model

. Dr. Church explains how to use this revolutionary technique: "Crispr has infinite potentials in changing our lives, and the way we can create more sustainable existence, including the island Unnricate, re-establish the ecosystem, diagnosis and prevention of disease for people. This is the first step in a new chapter of human history "
Thai co-founder colossal - ben lamm (left) and Dr. George Church (right). Photo: Discovery. The Ministry of Technology will also be used to help extinctions to recover, slow down the extinction process when combined with the world's leading conservationists. Ben Lamm Share: "Outside Bringing the ancient species has become extinct as a curly feather, we will use the technology to preserve threatened species, on the brink of extinction and revive people who contribute to the wipes " . In that, their ambition to revive their ghost elephants attracted many attention. On September 13, the project announced an investment of 15 million USD. The Magic Elephant appeared in France. Photo: CNN. Their goal is not a mirror of Ma Mut - DNA that scientists taken from the individual in the iceberg are too fragile and incomplete - but to create, through genetic engineering Transmission, a hybrid species between elephants and curly feathers, with extinct ancestral appearance
Specifically, the DNA sections of Ma Mut will be taken into the genome of the Asian elephant.Ben Lamm said: "We expect to have the first child in the next 4-6 years." Found in eternal tape brings precious DNA sequences. Photo: Daily Task. The project supporters said that the revival of ghost elephants in a changed shape could help preserve the fragile ecosystem of the Arctic tape, against the climate crisis, And protecting Asian elephants are threatened - which is the nearest relative of frizzy. However, many people also believe that this is an illusion plan, with moral problems. They doubt that bringing the hybrid elephant to the tape, may not have any effect on the ecosystem here. The United Nations 2019 report warns more than 1 million animals, plants and fungi. Strains, many of them will disappear in the next few decades. The more endangered species, the more ecosystems around them will collapse, affecting people's health and life.An Ngoctheo CNN, Discovery

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