Planting Vietgap For High Economic Efficiency

Su Ngoc Petrochemical Filter Engineer Choose a guava planting model according to VietGAP standards to enrich on the main land of Que Huong.0: 00/3: 49 South of the South is a petrochemical engineer, working at the Filter Company Binh Son Petrochemical with a good income but with a passion for agriculture, Anh To Ngoc Thong in Thôn 3, Xã Bình Hòa, Bình Sơn District, Quang Ngai Province has decided to choose a guava planting model according to VietGAP standards Currently on the land of the homeland. Models are now and are bringing high economic efficiency, opening up the direction of new enrichment for the people here. Failing guava trees is the main crop for left-round, high productivity, Mr. Thong takes time to study Save thoroughly and regularly go to visit, learn the guava planting model in the Central Highlands provinces such as Dak Nong, Dak Lak

... but "Charm" to help him pursue his passion is the meeting, awarded Change with "Nong Nong 4
0" Nguyen Tri Nghiep, Native to Vinh Long Province. After nearly 5 years of accumulation of realistic experiences, in 2016, Mr. Thong began "starting a business" by planting 3 sao guava queen, Guava Pearl and Guava Le. He shared, guava trees are easy to care, adapt well to local soil conditions. Growers must understand the growing cycle of guava plants to determine what time is suitable for creating canopy; The moment took left or the time to combine both of the above factors. In addition, fertilizing for plants is extremely important. "Specifically, after a month of planting, it takes a level 1 to create a level 1 and create a second month to create a level 2 to nourish the guava tree, limit the tree Developing height, fast old age, extending life up to 7-10 years. By March, harvesting fortune telling and from June or above is high harvest. These "secrets" I learned From Vinh Long's skilled farms through the "hand-held" process of his garden, "Mr. Thong said
In addition, a remarkable point is to prevent mosquito bugs, they often appear In January lunar and stabbed directly into the left black part. So having to wrap the foam, how many nylons are careful or take the smell to chase if it does not take a loss of white. Guava for harvesting in the first pillow style, every year 4 cases (3 main crops and 1 side crop) Average capacity is from 15 - 20 kg left / original / crop. Because of growing according to VietGAP standards and partly due to the virtue of Binh Hoa, the other regions in the province, so guava quality also has a significant difference. Crispy guava, sour taste, very little seeds Last fruit, it has no seeds and more importantly, ensuring safety for users should be very popular. Therefore, traders regularly order large quantities and purchased to the garden at an average price of VND 15,000 - 20,000 / kg to distribute industrial parks and resorts in the province. From stability The output, Mr. Thong has expanded the area to 1.5 ha and maintained so far. He mentally calculated, compared to acacia, the economic value of guava plants could be more than 15-20 times, because guava plants for harvesting very soon and acacia trees takes 5-7 years to harvest. Profit per chance (500 m2) glue is very low, only from VND 700,000 - 1 million. The profit per cha guava after deducting the cost of between VND 25-30 million / year. The guava gardening of Mr. Thong is dealing with jobs for about 10 seasonal workers with a salary of about VND 300,000 /day. There are many farmers inside and outside the province to visit, learning about the model and are enthusiastic by him in the enthusiasm, most of them are successful. Dong Huynh Van Tam, Director of Binh Hoa Agriculture Co-operative, said The fact that it is very needs new models like this so that members of cooperatives follow. Cooperatives are also aiming to connect with potential partners, bring Guava Binh Hoa to the supermarket system to improve the value of the product. Dong Phan farming, Vice Chairman of Binh Hoa Commune People's Committee, in the year 2021, the commune quoted the cost of VND 130 million to implement the program of each commune a product (OCOP) and select British guava model to register, build a brand and replicate the area of 10 ha The whole commune area. Since then, attracting more farmers to participate with the policy of each household with at least 1-2 guava growers. In the long term, the commune will calculate the specific planning plan of specializing in specialized areas, guava planting zones. Phuoc Vinh Trong (VNA)

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