Play Noel Soon In Hang Ma Street

With a series of shops turning to sell beautiful Christmas ornaments, Hang Ma Street is the eastern place you find. Some are not afraid to move dozens of kilometers to visit animals, take photos. It's about 1 month before Christmas, Hang Ma Street (Hanoi) covered in red. The air is busy sells buyers with enough items for the festive season, from Santa, pine, reindeer to decorative accessories. The street is longer than 300m longer is also a place to attract young people to find There are beautiful photos, check-in Noel soon

. The cold weather will accompany sunny heaven, the time from the afternoon to the evening is that when this area is busy with easts, you are a beautiful dress, alternating to shoot each other. Ha Noi Medical College) Move a long distance, from Hung Yen to stock code. The 19-year-old girl said that she was in addition to enjoying the Noel atmosphere soon, she also gathered, going out with her group after 2 months without meeting
The dog accidentally wears a Ton Sur ton with the owner, taken away from home to go to the same picture. Holidays, Phuong (26 years old, in Thanh Xuan district) The same group of friends invited each other to take pictures of memories. "Last year, I went to the commercial centers to check-in. This year, they decorate later, so I moved over the code", Phuong sharing. She said the group is ready to pay 50,000 VND to comfortably shape, unlimited time. Some stands spill out of the street to have a righteous corner or have to wait for others to take a new turn. Beautiful, sophisticated, sophisticated red-white costumes for festive, happy and drafted air (21 years old, the last year students of the National Economics University) bring more camera foot cameras to spin the clip. "The two of them have no intention of taking pictures because they are too crowded. If you go out here, we will choose this Christmas, we will choose a more deserted place like a coffee shop," Hanh said. 22 years old, office staff) for both visits to both shopping and taking pictures
After 30 minutes of shopping, the couple spent about 400,000 VND for decorations, teddy bears Squid game for his brother and 50,000 dong to buy 2 more reindeer horns to help them beautiful. "We gave it soon as they were worried about the disease, fearing the day everyone pulled to be more crowded. The Noel atmosphere was unloomed in last year but thus didn't be crowded, there was a place to take a picture. I personally see the items here are affordable, "said .Quang (20 years old, Thang Long University students) and Linh (18 years old, FPT University students) take 3 hours drive from Vinh Phuc to the city center. "I see on social networks sharing many images of this area have been decorated with Christmas so I want to take your woman to go out," Quang said. For the first time in line in the last month of the year, Linh said she saw the beautiful and shimmering scenery, "worthy of going away". On the dark, the number of customers looking for the festive season. For many people, although not religious but Christmas is still an important holiday, a meeting, giving each other small gifts. Items, decorative accessories with red, blue, Brown, white characteristic, causing people to get back and have a feeling of Christmas came very close to the British - Tra My

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