Please Cancel Your Friends Right Away With Those Who Click ‘like’ Sad News

He pressed like under sad news or is shallow, or lack of culture and no hearts; If I meet, I don't hesitate to cancel your friends with them.0: 00/1: 45 nam south of the facebook page, sometimes I read the sad news notification of friends. Among them have many loved ones. When I read, first I shared with them with the "grief" button, like more than half of people expressing emotions under the announcement. However, I noticed many people who clicked on the like button (like)

. Particularly, there is also a button under such sad announcements. It's strange, people can "like" and even laugh on the pain of their own friends on Facebook. Strangely when people can click Like under the sad notifications
Laughing under the sad notification lines, I have 2 types. The first type is those who "don't like it", but the netizens are called "likes". They "Le La", "screens" on Facebook and like any posts without reading the content. Life on their facebook is the same as real life, superficial, shallow, disrespectful. The second grade are poor people culture or lack of hearts. They do not pay attention to the pain of friends or do not know how to behave so permission in each specific case. , regardless of the information posted is sad or happy. But then Mark Zuckerberg quickly realizes this shortcoming so the most popular social networking site in the world adds many other buttons - sad, loving, loving, angry - corresponding to emotions, crowns, love ..
Human diversity. These nodes are extremely familiar to all users, which clicks as a friend's post also corresponds to the way we behave in real life. Any behavior, even on the network or in real life Need to understand and culture minimum, and more, need to love the heart, share. If you meet those who click on the sad news, I don't hesitate to cancel your friends, immediately remove the list of your friends. Do you agree with the above view? Please share your comments in the comment box below.

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