‘pocket’ Formula For Lemon Juice For People Who Want To Lose Weight

The combination of lemonade and celery becomes a good medicine for people who want to lose weight and have high blood pressure. The following are simple steps for you to have a glass of delicious and nutritious water.0: 00/0: 00 Southern water in lemon juice containing many vitamin C and acidity with a certain effect on weight loss. Vegetables need to contain natural apicenin chemicals to prevent high blood pressure and help expand the circuit. This great combination will bring a delicious, strange and beneficial drink, physique

. Here's how to make lemon juice - celery of the housewife Lam Anh Dao is easy to carry. Data: - 1 Lemon - 500 gr celery - 1 tablespoon honey-1 liter of water-cold stones lemon - celery 1: celery washes the cut. Lemon squeezed the water
Illustration. Prick.Step 2: Non-west water into the puree vitamin machine, Combing water for water, then mixed with lemon juice and honey. Positioning: for cold stone into glass Several lemon slices. Then pour the lemon juice in celestial is complete. According to Lan Anh / VietQ

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