Pocket Tips Or Remove Automotive Rust

Rust in the car is inevitable even though manufacturers have tried to use materials to minimize this phenomenon.0: 00/3: 25 Southweight This article will provide these Tips or help remove automotive rustes, help maintain "looks" and ensure the lifespan of the vehicle. The rust and the cause of lightning is the result of oxidation when iron reacts With oxygen and water. And iron is a major component in many parts of the car so rusty is inevitable. In addition to the weather elements such as storms, the neglect is in maintenance, hygiene and car care is also the cause of rust formation

. Normally, there are 3 types of rust for cars. As the name, rust surface affects the outer layer of metal plates on car parts. Most rustes on the car surface formed due to broken paint due to mechanical harm such as collision, cracking or ultraviolet rays
That's why even the cars in the dry and warm climate also have this rust type. Fortunately, this is the most easily removed rust. Handling new rustes on the surface will help save costs and prevent it from being spreading, corroses other parts. Surface lightning is easy to occur but also easy to remove (Photo: for C Bodies only) rust peeling surface rust does not handle timely, it will develop into rust peeling. At this time, the paint will be flaky and the parts on the car will be revealed because the metal is corroded. When most of the paint paint, the bodyboards can be weakened and the affected area There will be raw structures, pitting rustes peeling out aesthetic car (photo: carparts) Purple rust is the "tough" rust type and the most harmful to the car. The surface rust can be easily eliminated at affordable prices. Peeling will need a new paint for the car but can completely fix it. However, if the vehicle has appeared on penetrating rust, it is necessary to conduct more jobs to recover. Remedies that penetrating rustes are extremely expensive because the car owner will have to bring a car to the door Dedicated goods to handle punctures and replace damaged parts
Penetrating lightning is quite cost to repair (Photo: The Globe and Mail) Tips or removal of car rust completely It is possible to make rust for small rustes that are not completely corroded. Here are some simple and easy steps to remove automotive rust: Use WD-40 rust removal solution according to the instructions to remove rusts floating on glue or plastic fillers to seal Closed oral hole and sanding and sanding by specialized tools, but carefully avoiding scratches with an epoxy primer to the cleaning area and to paint dry on the polished sand to the car surface Become flat, repainting a primer and continues to paint the car to return to the original state on this is how to handle light stains. With heavy rustes and large rusty areas, the best way is to bring a car to the maintenance facility to eliminate the current rust, correct the car and replace the damaged parts if needed . Test of anti-rust automotive disease is always better than healing. Therefore, the car owner should actively implement the anti-rust measures automobile to ensure lifespan as well as maintain the car always in the best state. Cars regularly to remove dirt stains, residues The process of moving the car periodically, it is recommended that the best cross-polishing frequency is every 4 months / time not in use, should store the car in the house or leave a roof place to avoid exposure to ease of rust Lam (According to Carbuzz) Are you satisfied or disappointed with your first car? Share your first-time buying stories to motorbike automobile boards: otoxemay@vietnamnet.vn. The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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