Poco Duoduo – China Super Cheap Electric Cars Are Only 95 Million Vnd

Pocco Duoduo 2021 is a tiny electric car model officially offered in the Chinese domestic market. Vehicle prices ranged from 26,800 - 39,800 yuan (about 95-40 million VND). Tiny urban electric vehicle is an extremely attractive segment in the Chinese domestic market, and now, this segment has been Receiving a new product called the new Pocco Duoduo 2021. This model is provided three copies with prices ranging from 26,800 - 39,800 yuan (about 95-40 million VND). In terms of appearance, Pocco Duoduo 2021 applies casual and cute style, Overall rounds and delicate

. It also has a bright and sports body color, making the car with a youthful and dynamic personality. In the front, it has a closed grille suitable for oval headlights. This small electric car model also applies two-color shells on the side, providing a certain fashion feeling
It also has uneven matrix designs below the sides. On the size, Pocco Duoduo has a length, width, and height of 3325/1500/1588 mm, and the spacious base shaft is 2275 mm. The car charging port of the car is located under the previous grille. After the overall design, the overall design looks similar to the car header. Simple straight back door. The taillight uses a square shape than the headlight and is also adorned with blue borders. It also has a unique polygon-shaped number plate. Another mentioned point is that Pocco Duoduo applies a 4-seat 5-door layout, and the rear seats can be flat to increase luggage storage space Multi 987 liters. Pocco uses this method to be able to maximize space in the car when needed. For gadgets, all vehicles will have a height adjustment headlight, LCD screen clock table, screen Central control, and conditioning
Moreover, other standard features also have a power steering, USB charging port, and many other things. About strength, Pocco Auto has equipped for the new Duoduo model permanently synchronous magnet generated capacity maximum 39 horsepower, and 110 nm maximum torque. Low-level car version has a 10.3 kWh battery cluster, providing a range of 128 km moving by NEDC, while the high-end version has a 14 battery cluster , 5 kWh, equivalent to move 178 km by Nedc. Cheap Pocco Duoduo will have 4 exterior colors including crystal green, brilliant orange, turquoise, and white pearl.Video: cheap electric cars are dominating China.

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