Poem: Code Pì Leng

Please send it to the readers of the Pi Leng poem of the author Nguyen Duc Tinh (Ha Giang) 0:00 / 1: 08 Southern Southern Pì Leng (Ha Giang). Image of the family * Going on the four national highway, Hanh Phuc street is so passionate about how many young men and women in the middle of the day of the day, I am in the middle of the mountain of Rattan Baykien Cuong Dao, the thickness of the sorrow, dyeing the spring Young school miles Necking the river of Nho Que tentifully, such as a dreamy silk dream of dreaming through the alley of the peaceful, the deep mystery in the middle of the yellow shine the shadow. The common trend of the lips of lips and lips Boys and girls on the dancing hill, the murderous dancing, the heavenly heavenly heavenly blinds the center of the mountain of the fairy of the fairy of the fairy. * Ca Pí Leng, Ma chèng (meaning "lives a horse nose") is a famous pass in Ha Giang province, dubbed the king of the passes in the northern mountainous area, which is a long distance pass About 20km, in Pa Vi and Puho commune, Meo Vac district and Ta Hoong Commune Dong Van district. Nguyen Duc T (Ha Giang Provincial Arts Literature Association)

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