‘poisonous She Defeated’ Floyd Mayweather Shows Off Mercedes-maybach S580

Although not the most luxurious car in the collection of hand punches with the nickname of 'poisonously leaf' Floyd Mayweather, but this Mercedes-Maybach S580 has a more prominent equipped than all. American famous professional entity is Floyd Mayweather that suddenly shares his new Mercedes-Maybach S580 2021 image. It is known that this super luxury car has a starting price of 185,000 USD (about VND 4,255 billion). With a famous and very popular person like Floyd Mayweather, the collection of supercars, super luxury cars with him is considered A very small thing and the Mercedes-Maybach S580 of Floyd Mayweather shows off too. Bases so, don't, but this punch calls super cars to Floyd Mayweather that is "small toys" and for So far, Mayweather's hand has a total of 8 "toys" so

. Although Mercedes-Maybach S580's price of Mayweather is only 185,000 USD and not the most expensive car in his collection but This car has a more prominent equipped. That is this car equipped with black exterior paint, different from other cars. The owner is equipped with a typical chromium color chromium "shield" of the Maybach car, inside the interior Beautiful coloring with black and white stylized
According to Learn, the Mercedes-Maybach S580 of Mayweather is ordered from the Champion Motoring Agent in Beverly Hills, USA. Other equipment of high-end non-interior vehicles also have a system to support active and responsive blind spots Back seats are especially dedicated to each employer. Mercedes-Maybach S580 also has the function of massage cornering for the rear passenger, which is integrated into the strobe of the executive row in the back ... to bring the most quiet and comfortable experience, The car has rear wheels different from the standard S-class with a supplement to create space for negative reduced materials. Thicker multi-layer glass, noise optimized tires and active noise reduction system helps to eliminate noise from the road and the outside world to the interior compartment. Drivers, Mercedes-Maybach S580 of Floyd Mayweather Equipped with a turbocharged V8 engine combining EQ Boost system, producing 469 horsepower capacity and supplementing 20 horsepower when necessary. Since then, the car can accelerate from 0 - 100 km / h in just 4.8 seconds
Video: Floyd Mayweather shows off the supercar and the car to unique.

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