Police Ha Giang Donated 350 Units Of Blood

On July 13, hundreds of Public Security CBCs in Ha Giang province were enthusiastic to participate in the Program 'Lower Blood Drop Journey'.0: 00/0: 43 South West with the spirit of "loving people as a body", " One person for everyone "," a drop of blood for away, a life stay, "every police official of Ha Giang province is a pioneering soldiers, at the forefront of responding to the voluntary movement of blood donation, contributing to the career to protect and improve the health of the people, because the cause of building and protecting the country. The picture of young police soldiers who donate blood voluntary. Results in the morning of July 13, the organizers have been Receive over 350 blood units. This will be precious blood source provided to serve the emergency and treatment needs for patients, supplemented to the current reserve blood source, contributing to the career to care and protect public health

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