Polish Newspaper Complimented The Strength Of B-19 Russia At The West Side

Poland's Defense24 magazine has just had a posts about the strength of B-19 BMP combat cars that have been used in Russia in the Zapad-2021.Theo exercise article, BMP cars at first sight nothing special India The statue, but through the Zapad-2021 exercise with President Putin's monitoring, this is really a revolution in Russian infantry weapons. "B-19 not only has a 57mm cannon automatically Also a concept of newly broader weapons based on the broader range of the set of firepower types needed on a means to perform many tasks assigned on the battlefield, "Defense24 write BMP. B-19 at Zapad-2021 exercise. Before officially appearing at Zapad-2021 and was prompted Polish praise, the first B-19 battle vehicles were equipped with a number of units at the army The Western Area - Place near the most Nato

. To get a good review from NATO Member State, the B-19 car is designed in advanced with the main Fighting Module EPOCH equipped with automatic firecrackers 57 MM, anti-tank rocket launcher Kornet ATGM and new bulat led missiles with small size missiles to destroy the opponent's light-class shot and armored vehicles. The Fighting Module EPOCH is the presence of Automatic search system, recorded enemy objectives, monitoring, preparing and offering a proposal for a combat car for simultaneous use or rotating two destroying fire channels. High automation should be 57mm of B-19 In addition to the main task of attacking the ground target, this weapon can also intercept the rocket, helicopter, low-level high-range
.. along with the upgrade BMP with B-19 variations, Russia is also turning BMP into robots fighting with AU-220 fighting module with a 57mm barreling main cannon. This will help BMP become an automatic fortress and the main fighting car on the battlefield. Weapon producer is experimental field fireworks and 57mm cannon shells. For example, AU-220 combat module allows the machine to shoot up to 80 bullets / minute and fire range to 12 km. Modern automation technology helped the manufacturer create a new type of bullet for 57mm cannon. "The machine will be able to launch 10 shells on the target using the remote firepower control mechanism. Many types Mobilized shells capable of adjusting the route will soon go into service soon, "the source adds.

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