Polish President Signed The Issuance Of The Law On Border Protection

On November 30, Polish President Andrej Duda signed a law to limit the access rights of aid and journalist organizations to the country with Belarus in the context of the migrant crisis at the migrant The border of the two countries has not shown signs of cooling in: 00/1: 29 southern laws are issued at the time of emergency status issued in the border area in September 2021 will end on the day 1/12. It also means that limitations in the border's emergency will continue to be implemented. According to the government, the maintenance of restrictions is necessary for security reasons and to prevent any escalations that can cause military conflict. New will allow some restrictions on the border Apply without emergency status. The law is said to be a strong blow into opposing parties when it will allow the government to ban citizenship, journalists and non-governmental organizations into the border area No emergency

. The opposition said that the ban on the government's human rights violations and voted to support the amendments that could allow journalists and humanitarian relief staff to access the area edge border. However, the proposals of the proposed opposition were rejected by the House of Representatives for Friday before.Theo new regulations, Interior Minister will have the right to issue a temporary ban on border areas Sensitive after consulting the head of the border guard
Cases are exempted from the ban including people who live and work in the region, emergency services, police and soldiers are on duty, or participate in the worship of religion. Other objects are only allowed to enter if they get the special permission of the Border Guard commander ./. Vo Bien / VOV-Prague

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