Popular Movies On Cyberspace: Money Or Post-check?

About the issue of film space on cyberspace, draft cinematographic law (amended) provides 2 plans for check-in and post-inspection. At the 3rd session on September 14, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly listen to the Minister of Van Chemistry - Sports - Tourism Nguyen Van Hung presented a film project report (amended). Minister Nguyen Van Hung said the Film Law revealed shortcomings and inadequacies to be modified and added Sung. In which some of the current Cinema Law are no longer appropriate or have been abolished or are stipulated in other specialized laws; Some violations of production, release, popular films, film storage, movie clones are no longer suitable for practical situation and have been specified by other legal documents .

.. Minister of Culture and Sports - Tourism Nguyen Van Hung spoke at the Master of Hung Message also said that the release and popular films on the broadband network, through applications on the digital platform are Complex movements in Vietnam and around the world. However, the current cinema law has not been updated with technical and technological cinematographic developments
To meet the requirements of digital conversion, effective management of release and popular films on the platform The figure, Mr. Hung suggested to create a legal corridor specified specified. Cinematography (amendment) consists of 8 chapters, 52 things, in which inheritance, adjustment, amendment and additional 25 articles , New regulations 27 things compared to the current cinema law. In the process of building cinematographic laws (amended), there are some problems with different opinions. Mr. Hung stated that two issues were regulations on film production by state budget and dissemination of movies on cyberspace. Interest in the regulations on film production by state budget, Minister Nguyen Van Hung Indicating a plan 1 is the film production in the form of tasks and ordering, plan 2 is assigning tasks or ordering or bidding.DA Number of government members and agencies presiding over to reform with the direction Project 1: "Film production with state budget sources are carried out in one of the two forms of tasks of tasks or orders". The agency chaired the process of developing the ministries and agencies supporting this option To overcome the inadequacies over the past time when you have to apply for a film production mechanism using the state budget. Project 1: Draft Law Regulation "Must categorize, display the results of film classification according to the provisions of Article 33 of this Law and are responsible before law T about movie classification results "
Minister Nguyen Van Hung said that this is a new and flexible approach in the development of the release service, popular online movies, helping to reduce the burden of cost and Human resources for managers, enhancing international integration, cross-border e-commerce. However, this plan creates distinctions, lack of fairness between popular film modes. The self-censorship also creates the risk of placing the products that reflect the wrong history, the content of violence, drug use, pornography, child abuse ... This causes negative consequences in life Culture - society, difficult to handle and promptly handle. Project 2: Draft Law stipulates: "Only popular movies when having a film classification license by the Ministry of Culture - Sports - Tourism, People's Committee Provincial level or classification decision of the press agency with radio and television activity licenses is allowed to disseminate on cyberspace. For non-licensed movies, it must be classified by the Ministry of Culture - Sports - Tourism before popular on cyberspower ".DA Number of Government members and agencies in consistent drafting of plans 1. According to That, businesses and organizations that disseminate movies on cyberspace must self-censorize content, self-classification, display of film classification results according to specified criteria; providing a violation tool for state management agencies on the release and popular films; Make sure not to violate the law, take responsibility before the law on the common film content. How to apply the Culture and Education Committee to propose options 3: Combining reasoning and reasonable checks, including post-inspection Being mainly, the currency for films has a negative impact on politics, ideology, defense, security, foreign affairs and must comply with the conditions and management of state agencies.

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