Popular Tay Nguyen: Legend Of Sunshine

Since the past, flowers are considered by the Central Highlands people as a sunny yard. The kneeling warns the dry season. Now people are busy with the red ripe coffee harvest. The children in the villagers are on the flowers. Flowers blooming across the sky, where a volcano has turned off to create a travel brand for the red land of Bazan

.hoa. And in the wind, her colleague whispered by the phone: "The season is about to go back, go to make the photo to keep memories." After hearing it, my heart was fluttering, sometimes smelling the pungent scent that was spreading between the Central Highlands Mountain
We reverse the village's village in Cu M'gar district (Dak Lak province), the feeling of known to describe, Modern life rolled humans into the virtual world, burying his head into the smartphone, the moments wandering on the road with a kneeling gold, causing us to be returned to mountain nature. The shiny scenery makes people forget to be pressed and worried in the days of Covid-19 disease. The kneels like gathering all the sun during the year to show off, blooming in silence. Ama's old face recommends (Cu M'gar district) at the bottom of the kneeling is rising and drinking sunshine. Olderly, in every sentence, he lives between Dao Thousands, no one is grown, no one is careful, flowers are still confident to rise with their sharpness, attracting the gaze, holding a lot of passengers in front of the flower Yello brilliant. Many people call the kneeling kneeling, the wild sunflower. The fire of the ya is covered by the golden raw yellow queuAi Ama recommends that the anecdote has been spread his mouth with this intense flower. Although, I heard many villagers in the villages telling the plot of not much different, but their way of taking the mystery. The old stories said that in a village, there were girls who love each other earnestly. Every day, the k'lang into the hunting forest, her h'linh at home fiber textile fabric
Night came back, they gathered the fire side of the fire in happy days. One day, K'lang entered the forest until evening didn't see it, worrying about himself without healing, H'linh went to find. In the fall asleep in the forest because of tired, she dreamed of K'lang. Waking up, according to her dream to the stream, K'lang was tied up with the arrow filled with him, she came to hugging K'lang. Larohn - Lsieng's son's son too loved H'linh, in the hatred he shot the arrow into K'lang who accidentally won H'linh. Later, where the couple died in a species of trees, flowers were yellowish, the relatives named Dan Quy. The old face Ama advised a pensive, the villagers who wanted to love, durable flowers When a hundred species of grass, thirsty tree in the dry season. The kneeling silently buds, germs, when the petals, will hide in the ground, then resilient to rise to gold. The kneeling leaves are also cooked with baths for children in villages to prevent scabies, pimples. "This year translated too, missed the volcanic appointment to post Ya, only when she was immersed between the vast space, I could feel all the beautiful wild, liberal," she said in regret. The volcano is hidden among the wild thousands of wildness, every year glowing with the earth. The place was chosen as the annual flower festival organization every year, attracting many tourists to watch flowers and photography. The floral season, the indigenous people here along the roads to choose the beautiful flowers to make a beautiful flower wreath, then walk to the volcano to post Ya sold for guests for three to years Thousands of VND one round. This money suggests to buy a notebook or toy I like. The village old here said that Chu Lang Ya in the language of Gia Rai means the wild ginger. Relevant to that name has a word of mouth transmitted to be recalled by the elderly in the village for the younger generation every time the fire is gathered by the fire. In the past, at the foot of the mountain, she lived in a small floor house. One day, she pained her stomach, thanks to Mr. Lang in the treatment area but couldn't avoid. She tried to climb the mountain near the house hoping to find something that could reduce the pain. Cows up to the top of the mountain, she saw the ginger growing lush, thinking the tree (god). She finished involving, digging the trial, the pain gradually, Ms. Dao had less tubers to the cafeteria, it was disappointed. Her stories transmitted throughout the region and since the family members called the mountain as the Ya. In recent years, the area has become a popular tourist destination by the flowers stretching from the two sides of the road to the foot of the hill to the crater. Dong Nguyen Van Noi, Chairman of the Commune People's Committee Ya (Chu PăH district, Gia Lai province) said, the previous year, the week of yeasts - the volcano Chu Dang Ya despite only a few days, but the culinary talent is favored by guests like: Rice Lam, Chicken baked, with rustic cuisine; There is a group of cars

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