Pork Before Cooking This Water Is Available In The Kitchen, Unexpectedly

Only with the meat soaking step on the "kitchen house is available 'before baking or frying, finished stretching, soft, delicious standards of the restaurant.0: 00/2: 38 nam nuven this way pigs, pork ribs, cows, chickens, ducks ... all can be used, meat after processing is very soft, rich, crisp outside but biting into the flesh is very smooth and humid

. Water but in the kitchen house Every available this helps to change the protein structure inside the meat, making meat softer, baked not dry. Very simple to baked or boiled to be soft before baking you just need to soak the meat into the solution Salt water with phase rate according to the instructions below. With this way, pork, pork ribs, cows, chickens, ducks
.. are available. Meat after processing is very soft, rich, crispy and dried outside but biting into the flesh is very smooth and humid. By the salt in the water solution, the standard ratio will change the protein structure inside the meat, help Soft meat. Salt water also breaks the toughened muscle fibers of meat, preventing them from tightening when cooking. Therefore, when baking or frying meat is soft, juicy. The salt rise is 270 grams of fine salt with about 3.5 liters of water. Use a small pot, cook a little water to boil to dissolve the amount of salt needed
If you want the flesh to be gentle, add a bit of sugar. Fragrant soft product thanks to the secret of the restaurant, the restaurant can also add other spices to increase the flavor for the dish, depending on the taste of the family Like onions, garlic, discharge, recovery, cinnamon, pepper or fruit juices, chopped fruits ... but when you want to add vinegar or acidic fruits to this solution, you need to re-engineer it because it can make it Give meat crushed. I need to remember to wait after a completely cold soaked water solution for meat into marinated. Depending on the amount of small or more meat to balance the amount of salt water so that it is sufficient to fill the whole meat in the country. I should also prepare a heavy object to insert the meat, avoid the surface rise above Meave the saltwater newly absorbed. Because salt water needs time to absorb enough meat, it will achieve the smoothness of the idea, why you must always prepare soak it from the previous day. It is also possible to apply to the whole chicken, duck or big meat. However, it should note that the time needs to soak at least 12-24 hours in advance. If the piece of meat is thin, the number is small, just soak for 3-5 hours before processing is. The duck duck. Also chickens, ducks after removing the salt water, wrap and put it in the cabinet Cold a few hours for dry skin and se again, then after processing this skin will yellow and crunchy. After taking out of the solution just put into a drain basket, it can be fried, grilled Then, there is no need to rinse again. With this simple way, guarantee after processing, spicy meat, not to be tied and dry and still retains a great moisture.

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