Porridge In Saigon

Most delicious dishes are like that, there are no special ingredients, not better than people thanks to the cooking and talent of the cooked people, but 00/11: 21 South "Mai let me try delicious dishes Saigon land! "My sister said on the first day I didn't study. Six am the next morning, I heard my dreams and my sister opened the gate. After that's my sister's big call: "I wake up and eat brightly." I yawned yawned down on the house, saw a fascinating aroma. I just got the smoke aluminum and smoke on the table: "Eat it

." I approached watching my sister's time to advertise. It turned out to be porridge, no solid did not loose, just matched, sprinkled with spent and executive fragrance, adding a bit of fresh minced minced peppers. Low in the porridge has some pieces of heart crush, the bottom is the price
According to her point, I squeezed lemon, mixed slightly and scooped up a spoon to put on her mouth. Sip with hot porridge, sweet sweet running straight in the stomach, causing me to sleep. Liver Bui, soft heart, lumpy ears, fat and fragrant smell, crispy and sweet prices, that are floating on the bold porridge background, making me eat it all good. Since then, I know another "Time of Saigon" - Porridge. Ms. Hai sells porridge in the Chess Ban Cho market only a house. So my sisters, my sisters, the first breakfast we thought of being her heart porridge. Evening money, bowl or coffee through it, morning with hot porridge to eat. For a long time I kept nandruding my heart to be like that, later that it was a southern style porridge, and the northern style porridge would be different. The Arrangement of the North has mixed blood, eating with vegetables and Cinnamon rather eat with prices
Talking porridge in the North of the past, nobody doesn't overcome the danchisel. The spiritual description is that I don't have to pay for some tools to describe the chasers here: "Pastry, I have to eat separately, porridge out porridge, please feel, huff a piece of porridge eat a piece of heart, After dipping fish sauce with pepper and chili for careful "(pieces of Hanoi delicious, page 154)" Normally, chick porridge duck, fish porridge, puff into the neck, don't leave us a residual Significant incense; Particularly, the porridge is porridge, then I still see in the back of the redundant: it is a secretion of the porridge, sweet, smooth, smooth (Hanoi delicious piece, page 153) "also is in the whole pig, but every delicious food department: the liver is sweet and crunged to be bitter, eating with the aromatic aroma, the heart chews in the soft mouth. Crispy jarc separation; Sampling; And the small intestine is unmeased to, just bite the idea of toughness, but the reality is soft, eating and eating it bitterly to try it until she saw it sweet and bui, the sweet and the sweetness again. " Hanoi, page 147) There is an economic expert to chose the southern porridge of their enthusiasm: "The unfortunate shop is based on Mo Van Tan, is her burden of selling porridge, surviving there for a long time. After I went to work, the housing was died of Pham Van Hai but I often went to Vespa, or car, stopped by eating her pleasure, because it was like a porridge of the two promoted to my house, on the road Pigs of pregnant women, Long Xuyen town, time I studied elementary school. Early in the morning, I was roasted over the house, sitting at the fire to wait for me to scoop my heart, especially with special things to choose for me like a soft head meat, a chopped meat like a heart There are fat, arterially eating stuffy, slicing liver, not thick, not thick, stomach, stomach, throat, hemorrhage right three lumps, abandoned, sprinkled, squeezing a little lemon with a little finger, a little bit Once, then the freshly laughed to me to watch the "jackfruit" with two aunts for me to eat, Bui, to die without forgetting. Yet, it only ceased me to have five cents, instead of a little meat, like a for sale to people. I finished eating, a new and long-term market. " (Lam Vo Hoang - Hometown, Saigon Spring Spring 1999) I am the more and more touching with the Diploma and Mr. Lam Vo Hoang, because both do not mention porridge oil, good dishes are cleaned with porridge . Perhaps because my first meeting with porridge does not have a porridge, so from there later I didn't eat well with the porridge, the reason was the smell of grease and the toughness of the porridge oil unleashed all. Later, after going to eat porridge elsewhere, they often cleaned their own porridge, their own cup of a cup of sweet spicy sauce. Eat is also delicious, but the heart doesn't lie in the porridge so slightly dry and not hot. Has the shop is empty. Jiang Ho rumors Lambs Baby Ut 193 Ms. Giang, District 1 is the number of dz. Many people compliment but to have a decent name I choose the article of the Youth Newspaper: "Conteminary Fry here is very special about the taste, it's hard to describe whether the basic ingredient is nothing different: lean meat , Meat of grease, cartilage, lemongrass ... Perhaps its delicious taste lies in proportional to divide, creating a very impressive aroma and fit. " (PV - Pastry for 80 years in the heart of Saigon, June 9, 2015, Thanh Nien electronic newspaper) Most delicious dishes are like that, there is no special ingredient material, not better than people thanks And talent of cooking people only. A little extra

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