Porsche Summon Taycan Electric Vehicle Due To Liquid Nut Error

Some Porsche Taycan trams will be summoned in the United States because the rear suspension system is not tightened in accordance with regulations.Porsche has announced the summoning of Taycan cars in the US, the problem lies in the nuts Connecting separate screws in the top of the control attack on the rear axis may not be tightened in accordance with the specifications. This error may cause the movement of the suspension parts not in the right position and if the bug connection can increase the risk of collision. Luckily when this summon only affects 35 pcs Taycan, produced from June 17, 2020 to November 16, 2020. German automaker has used production records to identify cars that are likely to be affected

.35 Porsche Taycan summoned in the United States.Porsche will solve this problem by installing a new bronze nut and bolts Time to tighten them according to specifications. The surrounding parts are also checked for damage and if needed to be replaced for free
The agent will be informed about the previous summon or on December 1, 2021 while the car owners will receive information Late, before or on January 18, 2022. This is not the only problem that ever happened to Porsche Taycan. In July, a software-related problem could cause a power outage that caused a German producer to quickly launch an update to solve the problem. This new summoning also takes place only a month later When Taycan was summoned in the United States due to a blow in the front of the car at risk of breaking and causing an accident. In particular, some Panamera cars are also affected by this problem. HoangTheo Carscoops

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