Portrait Of Her 101 Year Old, The Old Lobster Catcher In The World

At the age of 101, Mrs. Oliver continued to work with lobster traps outside the coast with 78-year-old son.0: 00/2: 32 southern southern people 101 years old Virginia Oliver still goes to the sea to catch lobster with all Elderly aged 70 or 80 spending leisurely time with friends, family, grandchildren. But her 101-year-old Virginia Oliver, living in Maine, the United States doesn't like the leisurely life when he retires. No such, she chooses to continue the job out of the sea with her son, even if the old age is rare

. Outside sea lobster is considered a dangerous work that is not pursuing. For her, Virginia Olive, 101 years old, who spent most of his lobster to catch lobster, no reason to prevent her from continuing his favorite journeys despite the age of the local and grandmother Virginia Olive became one of the oldest lobster fishingers in the world. Starting from 8 years old, so far, even though she was tall, she still sailed into the sea off the city of Rockland at least three times a week, from May to November to catch a long-standing body Muscular tail, likes to hide in any type of structure from rocks, coral heads to thick vegetation
They are dark colors, green or green brown to harmonize the ocean floor, the atypical colors are extremely rare, the proportion of one million children. Oliver handles lobster in a homogeneous way Ms. Hundred-year-old had to go through a few fears, failed in life but that didn't make her flinch but leave her career. Most recently, she had to stitch seven nases after making herself injuring.Virginia Olive began to trap lobster since he was 8 years old and never intended to stop so far. She was confident to share, "I grew up with this job. I have never felt a trap of lobster as a hard work, this may be difficult for everyone but for me? She went with her family, she often went with her husband. She said: "I and my husband often go to the sea in all kinds of weather. However, lobsters in nature today are no longer as much as before." The old age but she was still full of enthusiasm, she went up at 3 am to prepare for the sea trip
Currently, she did this job with two sons, who were also nearly 80 years old. The son of her son drove and pulled the net, she duty to measure lobster size, clamps small children and forced large children . She profishedly handled the smooth body of the lobster, she wrapped the rubber wire around its claws. Sometimes Mrs. Oliver also dripped and commanded the boat, but she would not drive if there was a fog.bill, Virginia Olive's nearly 80-year-old son said: "Someone asked me why not retiring. I Say I can't. My mother will be sad. I can't sit around doing nothing. I academic my mother's work ".

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