Portrait Of ‘securities’ In Quang Ninh

Doing securities has difficulty, women do stocking difficulties. Sinking with fierce market, Tran Thi Thanh Huong always painful dreams can build a transparent playground, eradicate prejudices about career, bringing opportunities for investors.0: 00/3: 51 Southern "Breaking" to change NO NOT "HOME" or good revision, Tran Thi Thanh Huong came to securities in a very accidental way. The family in the family has a tradition of medical practice, The female student dared to "illegally" his parents to choose his own aisle when he was determined to attend the banking industry. By energy and bravery, graduating with a good degree, Thanh Huong is quickly admitted to work at a large bank

. From the employee position, she quickly shows the capacity when it is trusted, undertaking important positions such as: Head of Accounting and Funds, Head of Customer Service, Director of Retail, Director of Priority Customers, Deputy Director of Bank Branch ..
throughout the time Working time at the bank, the work has pushed her contact with the market. Using a small civil servant salary, Thanh Huong started "practicing" to step into stock. In this environment, she felt really passionate. This is also a place for her very special feelings, succeeded, failing, with a smile and tears. And after 18 years of working at the bank, Thanh Huong once again "hurdle", walking through itself to determination to change. After the "fateful" meeting with the General Director of Securities Joint Stock Company VPS, she decided to head for the company, officially became a Director of Quang Ninh VPS Branch before the harsh opposition of the family, friends and colleagues. The mind for building a transparent stock environment, awarded Opportunities for investorsArhe though casting a little experience in the profession, but entering a new job, the responsibility of weighting on the shoulders, it is difficult to avoid, especially in the fields of which are considered the strength of men And also facing many social prejudices. "For many people, the stock is also a vague concept. It is said that this is just the game of those who are very money, even "vulnerable". I want to remove this concept, reclaim the finance securities, and bring the opportunity for investors "- Tran Thi Thanh Huong share
It is to do it, she started planning to build a branch , Recruit personnel, open training classes, gradually connect investors to bring securities closer to the market, officially got place and become an effective investment channel. But it's not something Day one day. Even, she was threatened, the chain because "sin" seducing, enticing others "gambling". "I just do it with the mind, while bringing benefits to customers, for investors, they will etch them themselves other thoughts." There is the strongest growth rate of customers and consulting staff in the area. The branch is also applying VPS Smart Easy technology - the foundation investment platform emulator helps investors have accumulated knowledge, training skills before officially performing transactions in the market. Leading by the "Female General", Quang Ninh branch has contributed significantly to the company's common success. Recently, VPS was honored by the top financial magazine Southeast Asia - Alpha Southeast Asia in 2 award categories "Best Consultants and Bonds Vietnam" and "Vietnam's best investment bank Male "2021. Looking back of the difficult journey, she said that today's achievements are the youthful and enthusiastic partnership teams that are close to the same aspect. "I'm always grateful for my life that gave me a good conditions. Those were the British, sisters, colleagues who fought together to overcome difficulties. All for the construction of Quang Ninh securities market is transparent and growing more "- Tran Thi Thanh Huong.TS. Tran Thi Thanh Huong - Doctor of Economics University of EU Swiss - Quang Ninh VPS Director - 20 years of banking management - Finance, securities investment. - There are many coach experience for individuals and businesses career in the field of career orientation, financial investment, cash flow management. - Every participation in writing many books on human resource management, finance ...- Details at: https: // tranthithanhhuong Cursed Hien

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