Portrait Photos Of Foreigners In Saigon In 1866

In 1866, when staying in Saigon short time, telecommunications and assistant of the German Navy photographer August Sachtler opened the photo here.0: 00/3: 59 NAMLE BAS AREA A Navy Amateur photo of France. In early 1865, La Sémiramis boat anchored in Saigon and Le Bas had the opportunity to go to the boat to take pictures. We know he took the court of the royal messenger (Maison des Messageries Impériales), and He is also a panoramic photographer of Saigon River, showing many architectural buildings of the French colonial building. These pictures are then reprinted in the form of wood carving in Le Monde Illustré on July 1 In 1865

. Le Bas could also take two portraits of the Touboulic naval soldier and a local dignine (Quam-Bo) [..
] August Sachtler (1839-1873) is a telegram and aid Ly photographer of the German navy in the East Asia expedition universal to visit the Far East in 1861. Sachtler taken many photos in China and Japan during this time. After the tourism, in 1863, Sachtler Open a commercial photo effect in Singapore (this place then operates until he died in 1873). The first time he visited Vietnam was probably on August 3, 1866. In advertising in the Courrier de Saigon on August 5, Sachtler claimed that he would only save here two months and want to welcome guests It comes to its portrait photo during that time, where he can also show them pictures of Borneo, Thai, Penang, and Singapore images. However, in November 5 of the Courrier de Saigon sheet He declared that he would stay four more weeks and will take pictures at the new photo of Émile Gsell, whom he must have a close relationship. Similar ads are repeated until December 5 and we don't know when he left Saigon. At least the Vietnamese photo of Vietnam was identified.John Thomson (1837-1921), the famous nineteenth century photographer in Asia, visited and worked in Saigon and Cho Lon for three months from the month 12 years 1867 to February 1868 [.
.] John Thomson's Saigon photo. Photo: Wellcome Collection. Finally in 1865, he traveled to Thailand and the following year was a Cao Mien. At the time of visiting Vietnam, he owned a surface commercial photo brand in Singapore and has just published a famous publication on Angkor Wat ruins. His photos are considered the first photo material about this place. Equipped France's concerns with Cao Mien, perhaps Thomson has hoped to find a market in Saigon ready to receive the pictures And his Angkor book. However, his photos when entering Saigon are no longer new, because only a few months later Thomson, French resident photographer émile GSell also taken pictures in Angkor His wat and his photos were widely sold in Saigon along with the royal true portrait and a high-shaped landscape. It seemed that Thomson did not travel out of Saigon. Without French nationality, he may have no license as well as the relationship needed to do it. However, Thomson still has a chance to take more pictures for his portrait and landscape of Asian scenery. Beyond, he also plans to move the business desk to Hong Kong, and Saigon is probably just one The preservation holiday [...] He also published a few Vietnamese photos on the local magazine The China Magazine.Wilhelm Burger (1844-1920), on the way from Singapore to Hong Kong, lingered Two days, from May 24 to May 26, 1869. He is one of the most European photographers in Europe and has followed the Austrian Delegation - Throughout Siam (Thai), China, Japan, and South America, from 1868 to 1871. Unfortunately, he did not have the opportunity to work in Vietnam because of tight time and bad weather conditions. Inside, he bought a negative word " A rich ananman "and these pictures were later published in the name of Burger. Many likely Burger visited the Brand of Émile Gsell's photo, where he bought the negatives because of existing pictures behind As was taken in this photo brand.Terry Bennett / Southern Book and World Publishing House

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