Positive Signal From The Us Economy Pushes Brent Oil To 1,46 Usd / Barrel

After a day, Brent oil decreased deeply, thanks to a series of positive data from the US, causing gasoline prices today to rise again. According to Vietnam's time), WTI lightweight crude oil price delivered in November 112021 stood at 78.83 USD / barrel, an increase of 0.53 USD / barrel in the session. Compared to the same time, WTI oil prices rose to 1

.66 USD / ounce. Brent oil price delivered in December 2021 stood at 82.49 USD / barrel, an increase of 0
54 USD / barrel in Session and increased to $ 1.46 / barrel compared to the same time of 7/10 of the illustration. Oil prices on 8/10 increased sharply by the analyst indicated by the crude oil market that recorded a series of positive information From the US economy. Many controversy, the US Congress agreed to raise the national public debt ceiling until early December 2021, to avoid the risk of the government of the government. In addition, the US Department of Labor said that the number of weekly unemployment benefits of the world's economy fell 38,000, to 326,000, down from the previous 362,000 unemployed unemployed unemployed numbers, and Many lower figures forecast 350,000. Aramco remarked to lower the price of oil to increase supply to the market, as well as declared ready to increase gas supply production for Europe to cool the gas price of Russia, today's oil price Continuing to be promoted by the demand for global oil consumption is expected to maintain the recovery momentum. The International Energy Agency (IEA) also said that the demand for global crude oil will increase by 150,000 - 500,000 barrels / day in the next month. The above data is not enough to compensate for the gaps that are deficient in the energy market, including crude oil, but vice versa has helped reduce the pressure on inflation for growth Global economy. Global oil supply is also forecasted to be difficult in the coming months, due to crude oil exploitation activities in the North Hemisphere will be affected when M East to. However, gasoline prices today are standing in front of great pressure, by declaring to open all tools to solve the supply of supply of the US Department of Energy on October 7
This statement was given, because President Joe Biden could consider discharging stockpiles or banned crude oil exports to cool down oil prices, solve the problem of domestic energy shortages or not.

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