Post Old Photos, Btv Hoai Anh Shared Beautiful Memories Of Students

Hoai Anh - VTV's news BTV has just shared her photos and memories of her student students attached to the famous roads and landmarks of Ho Chi Minh City.Btv Hoai Anh is a child of the city. HCM. Currently, due to the job requirement at Vietnam Television, she is living and working in Hanoi. In the days of the city named Uncle Ho Chi Minh for the epidemic, the beautiful female BTV touched her memories associated with the city

.BTV Hoai Anh - the familiar face on the fashion waves of VTV. BTV's memories of Hoai Anh, the roads of Ho Chi Minh City are crowded crowded. She could belong to each brick on the roads around District 1
With Hoai Anh, it was the way to leans associated with her childhood, since I was a "Level 1 child to walk to Hoa Binh school with the peace The red pair, getting a grandfather to pick up a gift with a gift for me is a cage with a bird who is jumping, and the story of Ai-Po-liter doctor with a beautiful color cover like a dream ".btv Hoai Anh Take a picture with her mother on Nguyen Hue Street. The 19H TIME PROGRAM WAVE 19H of VTV also recalls the road of Le Duan - where to print her bicycle wheels during the second level: "That's my hair long shoulder, roof Maika, the red scarf flying with her hair. The road has ever witnessed the disturbing laughter of our students together to go home ..., witness the tails of a big time. .. Having a small child with a parent's face will always do 'police' to suppress and challenge those tails
The road I always proud is my best school path! rough G, and I'm so small ... ". My parents and sisters of BTV Hoai Anh.Theo time, Hoai Anh grew up. Her maturity is always associated with the landmarks of the city. At the big age, the turtle lake is a familiar meeting point of Hoai Anh and you guys. "Turtle lake round, one of the new age rendezvous, where there are simple seawalkers with strange delicious gifts. Ten years away from the city is ten years ago I am far away If you can only fly flying back but can't find it where ... Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Old is Hoa Hoa Market, Lunar New Year Two I also buy flowers to celebrate Tet, . Dong Khoi Street, the center of the city center. Every occasion or Christmas doesn't have to go, standing on the house and overlooking the street is enough excited, when you see the crowd of the car and the person who dumps, the horn of the car And the car light on the corner of the city "- BTV Hoai Anh recalls the image of BTV Hoai Anh and they were taken in 1993.Hoai Anh could not imagine a day" crowded And shinning that spikes are still the days of silence and silence. " However, she still felt optimism through her mother's daily messages. Female editor: "My city! My parents! My kids, my friends! They have joined the city people through the hard days but resilient there. Looking forward to peace and Early smile to the city, with everyone, looking forward to it, leaving on the roads where Binh Yen, brilliant, and Thanh Xuan I was there. "

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