Potato Powder And Great Uses

In addition to use in processing of dishes such as: Making Hio, tastes, sauces, makes mochi cake dough, ... to dishes, cakes with more colors, aromatic and exciting crunch, potato flour There are also other uses in the secret of hair beauty, beautiful skin.0: 00/4: 03 southern southern potatoes are used quite popular in food processing

. (Photo: Internet) Potato powder contains high levels of vitamin B, combined with cellulose, protein, trace elements to supplement nutrients for the body. Compared to boiled potatoes, potato starch holds the entire natural nutrient composition, because they do not lose nutrients when boiling through water. As a result, potato powder has a lot of good use for health and beauty such as: eliminating better acne fish eggs or acne will reduce and quickly if you use potato starch mixing with water lemon
Then use a cotton swab directly to the acne like covering the mask and rinse with water. Besides, potato powder removes dead skin cells, eliminating scum, rough horns, which helps prevent infection in acne position. Effective wrinkle treatment for 1 spoon of mixed potato starch Along with 4 teaspoons of water, let the powder settle down for about 1 hour and then filter with a clean cloth. For the water storage in the refrigerator cooler and use it for 3 days, you use this water to apply it to your face and massage gently to reduce face wrinkles, relax for about 15 minutes and wash your face Clean. Passy potato stomach ulcer Passy potato contains antibacterial molecules that can adjust stomach ulcers and prevent the development of some bacteria in the stomach - the cause of ulcers Stomach and heartburn. Help prevent the development of cancer cells in potato powder, but much carbon hydrate and exist in starch form. Similarly, potato fiber is resistant to and prevents the development of bowel cancer. Reduced kidney stones if uric acid in the blood increases, the ability to appear kidney stones is also faster, doctors Patients with patients with kidney stones increase potatoes in the diet. In addition to providing additional content of iron and calcium, potato powder also has a high nutritional content to supplement the body. The food processed from potatoes helps to reduce stomach ulcers
(Photo: Internet) Potato powder helps reduce inflammation if you are frequently infected with external infections or inflammation inside, use potato flour, because they will heal external inflammation if you rub up Inflammation or help ease the intestinal and digestive system if used to process the dish. Potato powder is also very good for treating mouth ulcers. Good food for people with diabetes Many people believe that high starch in potatoes will make people with diabetes increase blood sugar, but in fact they are not Cleansome affecting the blood sugar index of people with diabetes. In addition, potato powder filled with smoothing hair and causing her hair to become smoother, soft and easier to shape. Hair dietists with potatoes affirmed that this simple and cheap solution produces more effects of hair masks. Mask for hair with potato powder in the simplest way to verify The effect of potato powder with hair is added to the preferred hair mask material, preferably non-protein product, ratio 2: 1.Chotical potato hair flour. (Photo: suckhoedoisong) Masks with special potatoes suitable for broken hair. You take 2 - 3 tablespoons of potato starches mixed with aloe juice (aloe vera) and 3 tablespoons (spoon) honey. Then apply this mixture to combine massage with gently about 3 - 5 minutes . Finally, hair incubation in about 30 minutes and then rinse with warm water and light shampoo. Implementing this way in 2-3 weeks you will get soft hair silky naturally. If you want the mask to promote stronger effects, after applying the head of the head with folia bag food or Folia hat. 1 spoonful potato powder into 1 liter of boiled water to cool. Pouring into a small platic or potted bottle after aware of the shampoo (shampoo) is often used, followed by the discharge several times with potato flour solution, eventually discharging clean water. Right after once, you had smoother hair, "obediently, discipline" and having a thick feeling.Shampoo dry moderately moderate potato powder to the palm, followed by slowly rubbing on the roof Hair and scalp (earlier hair and scalp must dry) .khoai West harvest at the garden. (Photo: Suckhoedoisong) maintains a status of about 1 minute, then use a clean pot of potato powder. Note: Potato powder will dye the "skin" layer of hair, thin - don't bother, if you want to own yellow hair. In case you want your hair to darken, it can be supplemented with a little cocoa powder or cinnamon powder.

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