Potato Powder Beautifies Hair

Beauty hair with potato flour can apply 3 forms: mask, shampoo or use as dry shampoo. Effectively clearly clearly! 0:00 / 1: 36 Southern male potatoes filled with the hair to smooth and make the hair more smooth, soft and easier to shape. Hair dietists with potatoes affirmed that this simple and cheap solution produces more effects of hair masks.1. Masks for potato powdered hair One of the simplest ways to verify the effect of potato powder with hair is complementary to the preferred hair mask material, preferably non-protein product, rate 2 : 1

. Effects of hair powdered potato powder 2 small spoons of fancy products with 1 spoon small potato powder. Apply evenly to the whole hair. Maintain a 30-minute time mask and clean shampoo with cold water
If you want the mask to promote stronger effects, after applying the head of the head with a food folia bag or Folia hat.2. Shampoo with 1 spoon of small potato powder on 1 liter of boiling water to cool. Pouring into the bottle of PLATIC or small pots after stiring.Khoai West, a hair beauty suggestion with a common shampoo with usually, followed by discharge multiple times with potato flour solution, eventually discharging clean water. Right after once, you have smoother hair, "obediently, discipline" and has a thick feeling. Shampoo dried moderate output potato powder out the palm, followed slowly rubbed the hair and scalp (earlier hair and scalp to dry) .khoai westernering to maintain the status of about 1 minute, then use Clean comb potato powder. Note: Potato powder dyed a bright, thin leather "hair layer - not bothered, if you own yellow hair. In case of owning dark hair, it can supplement a little cocoa powder or cinnamon powder
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