Power Of Perseverance

At the same time he had to spend the last coin and seemed like everything was completely deadlocked, the fate smiled at a persistent guy.0 of the year. Maintaining persistence to achieve the set goals and will pursue the dream to the end. Recent studies have demonstrated that perseverance can bring positive effects, which is assessed to be equivalent to adding many points in a person's smart indicator scale. For example, the average smart index of Asian students studying in the United States is usually only equal, or a difference of 1 or 2 points compared to the intelligent index of indigenous white students

. But because of the small word Being educated and trained with patience, they created groups of learning that achieved impressive achievements than white student groups with the same intelligent index, and also a pepper representative. Tin for the highest ranking groups in universities and vocational reputation. There are times I read the character interview with the founding of the "Fast company" magazine, a network magazine still steadily after the end Mass breakrel crisis of this type of media
At first, he intends to create a network magazine specializing in new ideas of digital era and determination to perform for this wish period. He borrowed money from a personal credit card and started a campaign to find a sponsor for the creation of that magazine. No one accepts his offer! But he still believes strongly in his idea and certain unconsciousness doesn't surrender. Persistent boy. He found a "strong spermal" agreed to help him realize his dream. Finally, as a happy ending fairy tale, he sold that network magazine to a huge amount of money. There are many honest stories about persistent people overcome all difficulties , obstacles to finally achieve great success. Walt Disney was rejected 302 times before finding a donor to the Disneyland Park Construction Project. The director - producer George Lucas had to pay a bag to make the movie "Star Wars" ("war between stars") because no one believes the movie will attract the viewer. He was almost no longer a pocket coin when the film debuted
But in the end he became extremely rich because he had previously been unable to sell the right movie business as well as the right to do the film's sequel to anyone. We will achieve great achievements such as Fast Company Founder, Walt Disney or George Lucas. But surely perseverance will help you grow to the maximum the advantages we have, to make all your dreams and aspirations into reality.

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