Powerful Usd, Gold Price Under Pressure Drop

Today's gold price (September 14) in the world market is under pressure to decrease when the dollar rises, the market continues to expect the possibility of FED soon reducing bond purchases. At the morning of September 14, the price World gold is trading at 1,792.90 USD / ounce, up nearly 5 USD compared to the beginning of the morning. Gold delivered December on Comex New York floor at $ 1,788 / ounce. In the trading session last night, gold prices sometimes approached the important psychological threshold of 1,800 USD / ounce

. Specifically, at 21:00 on September 13 (Vietnam time) the world gold price immediately on the Kitco trading floor at 1,796 to 1,797 USD / ounce, an increase of 9.2 USD compared to the previous session. Gold price in the market The world under pressure decreases when the dollar strongly up
(Artwork) The world gold price reversed at USD price of VND 50.6 million / tael, excluding tax and fees, lower than about 6.7 million dong / tael compared to domestic gold prices At the end of the afternoon session 13 / 9. Gold price in the world market under pressure decreased when the dollar strongly up the context of investors cautiously waiting for the US consumer price information this week. Translate 13/9 in the US market (September 13, Vietnam), US Dollar Index (DXY), measurement of green silver co-fluctuations with 6 key coins (EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, SEK , CHF) stood at 92.78 points. 6 am this morning (Vietnam time), the US dollar index is at 92.61 points. Besides, the above information may affect the decision of the US Federal Reserve (FED) on time withdrawal Re-economic support policies. In the domestic market, open the trading session this morning, Saigon Jewelry Company listed SJC gold price in Hanoi at 56
60 - 57.32 million VND / Tantue, in Ho Chi Minh City is 56.60 - VND 57.30 million / tael. The Doji delegation listed 56.60 million dong / tael - 57.70 million dong / tael in Hanoi and 56.60 million VND / Quantity - 57.80 million / tael in Ho Chi Minh City.

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