Practical Images Of Hyundai Casper Small Size Cars

Hyundai Casper will sell in Korea later this year and debut in India at the beginning of next year. Hyundai Casper's Figure is inspired by other SUVs in the Hyundai family like Creta, Venue, ... Car There are low-headed circular headlights nearby, the upper is a LED light light strip and LED-style newspaper

. A black strip connects 2 positioning light clusters and Hyundai Logo in the center to create a highlight for the car. The grille has a unique design with small triangular motifs, stroking gradually to the sides. On the front bumper also has false winding slots, mainly Causing aesthetic
Hyundai Casper has extensive wheel arches, contributing to creating muscles for a modest size car. A black painted column creates a sense of splitting the convertible part, the rearview mirror integrates Xi-nhan.Tay the back door is integrated into column C, making Casper look like a 2-door model. Behind, LED matrix tears with small triangular motifs are synchronized with front bumper, stretching across the horizontally. The stylized casper badge is located just below the Hyundai logo. XI-NAH lights and circular back lights, low in the rear bumper. Also, Casper also has 2 antennas with fish fins, on the hood with a pair of roofs. There are still many actual images inside the interior of this model. Based on the image that the company announced, Hyundai Casper has a 4-seat configuration, simple design cabin. Axe has an 8-inch touch screen, 4
2-inch digital clock table, supporting Hyundai carplay connection, Locating navigation, voice commands ... The interesting point on this small SUV model is the entire front row foldable, rear seats can move with a distance of 160 mm. Reverse back seats are reclining to 39 degrees. Maximum luggage compartment capacity up to 301 liters. Hyundai Casper in Korea There are 2 engine options for gasoline 1.0L (75 horsepower) and 1.0L turbocharged gasoline (98.6 horsepower), automatic transmission 4 levels. Hyundai adds 2WD mode for complex terrain surfaces such as mud, snow, sand ... Hyundai Casper will officially be sold in the home market later this year and debut in India at the beginning next year. The car is distributed in Korea with 3 Smart, Modern and Inspiration versions, the selling price is 11,860 USD, 13,612 USD and 16,010 USD.

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