Pregnant Wife, Her Husband Who Gave Ultrasound Without Believing In The Image He Saw

When the fetus is 24 weeks old, Carissa Gill is taken by the boyfriend Randy, and has received a sweet surprise.0: 00/1: 27 Ultrasonic southern domain is always an indispensable thing when the sub-woman Female is pregnant, and many women are about to be eagerly mothers who want to see the pictures of children growing up in the abdomen. For Carissa, the joy was dumpled when she was pregnant a twins. Before her with her boyfriend used to go to the ultrasound every week, but didn't get any special signs. But on April, at the fetal clinic in Pensylvania, the US, the doctors gave her to see a special image

. Ultrasonic photos show that two twin fetuses of Carissa, are face to face each other , It looks like she is kissing. Seeing the results, a stunned couple before breaking in surprise and happiness.Carissa was very interested in this image
"You have to see Randy's face, he gaped his mouth before that scene." She smiled when she remembered the incident. "Seeing my two daughters are so beautiful that is a beautiful image." Randy also recalls "seeing that ultrasound image is an invaluable experience for me." Doctor made a super ca John Hamburg said: "I have done about 15,000 different ultrasound cases, but have never seen the sight of the two fetuses in surpassing like this. Usually the twins a person lie down, and The other will be backwards. "Carissa and Randy daughters were named Isabella and Callie. The couple also revealed to take the children to see this amazing ultrasound image in the near future.

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