Prepare Nine Tap National Crease To Submit To Unesco

Through nearly 200 years of existence, the Nine Peak still exists intact, is the original and unique version, unprecedented. With unique values, Nine Peaks are recognized by national treasures in 2012. With cultural values, unique and unique history, Nine Peaks are located at the Temple of Temple, Dai Noi Hue has been completed by Hue Travel Conservation Center for construction of a file to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism considering comments before submitting UNESCO recognizing the Nine Veeting as the World Documentary Heritage. The copper was started to work at the end of 1835 under King Minh Network. Through nearly 200 years of existence, the Nine Peak still exists intact, is the original and unique version, unprecedented

. With unique values, Nine Peaks are recognized by national treasures in 2012.Community attached to the Swiss of Nguyen's kings, placed in the position of opposite the worship of kings inside the temple. On the Nine Peaking pictures of many images of very real scenes and familiar with Vietnamese people stretching from North to South, creating a beautiful natural natural picture of the country, such as: Tinh Tu, River Mountain, Door, Waves, Doors, trees, grass flowers, animals, soldiers, boats
.. Nine Peaks are seen as a manual with the first illustration and annotation of our country of biodiversity. Of the 162 floating motifs on the Nine Peak, there are 90 images of Vietnamese characteristics and plant species. These motifs are a vivid way of dynamic and flora, lots of carvings are quite detailed with the outstanding features of the species. Ms. Le Thi An Hoa, Head of Scientific Research Department, Center Conservation of Hue Announcement relics, through research of Dong Van countries such as China, Korea, Singapore, Japan, the Nine Peak of Thua Thien - Hue is a poison. In addition to the symbol of the kings, demonstrating the power of the Nguyen Dynasty, Nine Peak as a set of Vietnamese "encyclopedia" in the early nineteenth century was written in the forming language. So compare With the criteria system of the Documentary Heritage of the World Motherhood Program of UNESCO, Nine Peaks deserve UNESCO Honoring the World Documentary Heritage Heritage. Carved floating on the Nineth of Nguyen Dynasty
Typically, the declaration of the Red River, Huyen Dinh has the Mekong River and the peak with Huong River; The tiger has a tiger on the forest, multiplied with the sea whale ... according to many researchers, this treasure set is crafted by the masters about casting under the Nguyen Dynasty. Engraved techniques with exquisite motifs, patterns with "lively" images on the Matroyer require artisans to persevere and have certain understanding. Some of the numbers are cast According to traditional manual entrance, creating molds also follow manually through choosing a meticulously suitable clay type. Nine-peak molds are the "unique" mold, after completing the crafting, the molds are all destroyed to avoid copying. From the way of posing to external embossed floating shapes shows, all patterned units, decorative motifs on the Nine Peak are an independent and unique entity. Therefore, the Nine Peaks are assessed that the works reached the perfection of the traditional copper casting art of Vietnam. The images of floating in the Nine Peak are a set of "most unicorns" in copper unique. In addition to showing the position of the royal, royal family, the family, the image in the Nine Peak is also in folk, associated with the lives of workers. Nine Peaks are also considered a treasure treasure before the temple, where worshipers of Nguyen houses, uniformity and integrity of national territory.g. Linh

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