Prepared On The Saigon River During The Disease

Before the pandemic came, they were considered people who live temporarily and lang when they only watched the boat as a friend on the Saigon River. However, watching their peaceful lives now, who feels as long ... it is the image of the people living by the Saigon River

.0: 00/1: 52 South of the past days, Disease Covid-19 The evolutions are very complicated in the provinces and cities in the Southeast region. Coven-19 cases in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong up to 4 numbers per day. Although going through 2 stretches of social ways according to the Prime Minister's Directive 16, the epidemic has not yet slowed down, forcing Ho Chi Minh City to renew a 1-month way
Meanwhile, Binh Duong has to extend another 14 days to control the epidemic. People who live along the Saigon River, live in the river of the functional quartet tighten the way to control the disease. Therefore, people limit the road on the spirit of "Who is where, staying there". Throughout the street in Binh Duong about 1 month has passed in silence, the people agreed to comply with the regulations on prevention and control of epidemic. Also a quiet live scene between the episodes but people live all year round in the water Comfortable, softer. People living on the banks of Saigon River wearing epidemics are raging on land, their lives are still, because they have been familiar with all year round. They catch fish, pick vegetables in the heart of Saigon River. Saigon River section from Ben Cat Town to Dau Tieng District (Binh Duong), we recorded the peaceful living scene of the people. People use a boat to the river picking vegetables, using fish to eat. "We live like that
When the epidemic has not been incomed, we are at least out of the area, pointing to the market to sell fish and vegetables. However, the complex disease we don't go anywhere, unless the house is running out of rice ", Mr. NV (Living on the banks of Saigon River TX Ben Cat). They live in small houses on the Saigon River but also There are people who use a boat to make a peaceful life along the Saigon River people who live on the banks of the Saigon River, they are familiar with this peaceful life. 2021 Now everyone in the family did not contact anyone, because no one could go. "Who does the speaker workers live, in Yen, lack of rice. So, we don't dare to go. Previously, it was so used to it, "said Ms. H. Sharing. People who live along the river to pick up vegetables, spinach are full on the river of Yen Binh in the heart of Sai Gonhuong river

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